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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by LJVM, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Just got my Autel Drone Premium going to use a galaxy 8 ipad and hotspot it to my iphone for internet to autel and will have app on the galaxy 8. Hoipe it works. I have retired after 42 years of working in the telecommunications field. Have bought a Motor Home and plan on traveling think using the drone for pictures and video will be nice.
  2. Welcome. Sounds like ur future is bright. I've been retired five years. I highly recommend it. Hours are great. :)
  3. I too am retired, better half and myself have been full time RVing for 16 months. Having a great time, always looking for something or someone to photograph or video.
    Currently in Moab, UT. till June. Will be volunteering at a light house on southern coast of Oregon July & August.
  4. I'm glad all you retired guys are here. A young friend of mine bought a drone just after I did. He flies for totally different reasons than I do.

    Look forward to your future posts with pics and videos of course!!!!! :)
  5. My wife is the posting and internet guru and the computer used to store pictures and videos is in her hands. I supply the guy behind the scenes operating the cameras, phones and drone video.
    Just made a pretty cool post (imho) of a ride out to Gemini Bridges a little NW of Moab. Beautiful day. Mostly calm winds except when up close to the bridges. Posting here from an IPad so no video in it so check out.
  6. Yep. I track your site. Good stuff. Keep it coming!!!!

    I'm more of a noobie at handling video than I am at flying drones. I just can't believe the processing is so slow..... I've got to be doing something wrong. Takes several hours to load a 5 minute video on YouTube??? You have that issue???

    I use Movie Maker to process the videos on my computer and that is also slower than I think it should be....
  7. We/wife uses Magix editing program but probably the main reason we can upload video a little faster is because I have set the camera down to1080P. Even our computer is a little jerky trying to replay 4K video. The video is still pretty good quality at 1080P.

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