New motors first video !

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Francis L, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. after 7 months without engines i try to flight with a dji p3 engines and my x-Star works well !! good choice ...
  2. My Wife is going to enjoy this latest visit to France!!!!! Thanks for posting!!!!

    Are you saying you replaced your Autel drone's engines with DJI engines?
  3. Merci Madame Richard ??
    Yes my friend i replaced the engines of my X-star, by dji p3 engines, because 7 month ago, i have seeing a little vibrations an jellow, after a lot of analysis, the problem came from the axis of an engine that had taken a shock!
    Impossible to find a solution with Autel postage costs was too expensive! finally not quite, they almost offered me a new orange drone !! and I began to look for what engines could replace them, here it is done and flies very well!
  4. Excellent. Glad you found a solution!!! Merci for the reply Francis.

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