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  1. Since I got my new X-Star Premium, I've been very happy with it's performance. But, since I often fly at, or above 8500 feet, I've been looking for Props which would provide the maximum thrust and efficiency for the drone. I came across the props that are made by Master Screw. (They've made replacement props for all different types of RC aircraft for many years.) I ordered a set of their props, and boy am I impressed. As reviewers say, the Master Screw props provide much better response and control. They have even better lift. They are noticeably quieter! And, best of all, they are much more efficient, which means that the aircraft is even easier to fly, but, you can fly it longer because the props are working so much more efficiently. Anyway, I'm so impressed that I thought I'd share this with the rest of you. You can see the props at:
  2. Ordered up a set. Hopefully they live up to your review. Thanks for the info!!! :)
  3. I'm confident that you'll be as happy as I am.
  4. Thanks Kroorda, I think i'll try a set too since i fly at that altitude also as we have talked about.
  5. free shipping to, awesome
  6. To fast, $4.95 shipping, woops!
  7. I got the props in 'white' so I could easily distinguish them from my stock/OEM props. I'm really enjoying the new props!

  8. Just reading this now. What do the new props do different from original
    Thank you
  9. They are definitely quieter. I have also found them to be more efficient, which in turn makes the aircraft more responsive and also saves some battery. I really enjoy the new props.
  10. They are debatably quieter. Depending on your sensitivity to the noise.

    They seem to quicken the drone's responses to "stick" changes.

    I see no difference in battery efficiency.
  11. I have 2 sets of these Master Screw props and there is no difference between the two sets BUT! from the OEM the motors seems to appreciate them much better as they fly faster and climbs faster as well so instead of reading this post you should order a set and get the best there is so far. Good Luck
  12. Got my master screw props Friday, did the firmware update yesterday and if the temp breaks 40 I will see what they can do later today.
  13. I also ordered a set of Master Airscrews and have received and balanced them ! Blades were out slightly and the hubs were out more than i thought they would be. Im new to balancing so i hope i did it properly . Have not tried them outyet as the weather is not too pretty good ! Wind.snow and minus 18c
  14. Dave, I have been flying RC aircraft since 1986 and have used Master Airscrew props on most of my models over the years. I have always balanced my props by sanding the heavy end. Never in my life have I ever did the HUB balance nor have any of my other club members. You do what you feel is best for you, but I can assure you that I nor any of my other club members have ever lost a model because we didn't do the HUB balance. If you think about it, you are talking about the center of the prop, which means you are trying to shave off a very minute bit of weight that even the best scales won't pick up unless they are 10000 dollar scales. I wish you well with your drone and time with it. I was just giving you food for thought after flying since 1986 with Master Airscrew equipment.
  15. Jerry, just a FYI here I tried my master props the other day and honestly I didn't see a whole lot of difference as compared to the original ones. Now I have been flying RC going way back to about March or April this year. I am wondering if these master props are balanced so I did some internet research on prop balancing. What I found out from a few different readings (all on DJI) is that first of all its more recommended not to remove material from the prop to balance but to add instead like a small piece of tape on the lighter end and it goes into specific placement. The reading also goes into balancing the hub, why? who knows but it is's a link to one of my readings.
  16. hello friends, I too cracked for masterairscrew propellers, and I'm really disappointed, for the prices or I bought them I thought I had the best propellers in the world!
    no it is similar to the original propellers I found no difference.
    If you really want high-end propellers and are really quiet with incredible flying qualities!
    OK they are also expensive, but you would not come back ... PROMIS
    This my best props !

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