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  2. It takes a lawyer just to understand some of the things they are saying in it.
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  3. Ain't that the truth!
  4. I just wish they would leave the hobbyist alone
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  5. These are some of the changes I am finding so far
    1.) Aircraft must be flown strictly for recreation, and:
    2.) Must be flown within a Community Based Organization’s (CBO) safety guidelines;
    3.) Must be flown within visual line of sight (VLOS);
    4.) Must stay out of the way of manned aircraft;
    5.) Must be flown in Class G airspace under 400 feet, or have authorization;
    6.) Must be registered and marked;
    7.) The operator must pass an Aeronautical Knowledge Test.

    A significant change is the addition of an FAA or CBO administered Aeronautical Knowledge Test for recreational operators. The test would not necessarily be the same as the Part 107 and would be administered electronically: H. 304 calls for the test to be developed within 6 months of the enactment of the bill. The requirement that all aircraft be registered and marked is another significant change.
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    Well... the bill has passed the House:

    On to the Senate where it will in all likelihood pass as well.

    I agree that they should leave the hobbyist alone. As for the potential "test", DJI has something already built into their registration process that won't allow your to fly until you've passed the test. I've seen the questions. Frankly, if one cannot pass it, one should probably not be flying a drone. What will actually come of the test is anyone's guess right now. For cryin' out loud though... just how much aeronautical knowledge should a weekend hobbyist,fly for the fun of it person have???

    Of the seven points "photographer" has mentioned above, most of them are already in Section 336. The part about "community based guidlines" is going to make being a member of something like the AMA mandatory though. There are also rumors going about plans to have remote ID also. You know... transponders on our "toys". Good grief!

    EDIT: The DJI app test will allow you to skip the test four times before rendering the drone useless until you do pass it.
  7. I would like to know who in the House was able to read 1200 pages in 4 days and understand it before passing it ?
    They must be speed readers, lol, or don't actually care about doing their jobs that they were elected for. I sent a letter off to my Congressman asking how they did that and didnt hear anything back. I also sent one to the Senate, but considering who it is, I know that I won't hear back from her. She has a lot of troubles going on for herself right now. :)
  8. This is little long but a good video about the bill:

  9. Short answer is NOBODY! Remember Pelosi? We have to pass it before we can find out what's in it.
  10. I watched that video last night and its gives out a lot of good information. If you want to know if your Representative in the House voted for it and you know who it is, you can go here
    If they voted yes, you may want to ask them if they read it. I know mine voted yes on it and I waiting on a reply.
  11. Well... I won't be buying an EVO or anything else if us hobbyists are gonna get screwed. Once the commercial drone alliance kills the hobby, they can take the next step and battle the idiotic flying cars. Bottom line... It's all about the money.
  12. I have been so tempted to buy a EVO, but have been holding off because of some of the problems people have been having and now this. Why spend the money when the government is going to destroy our fun. The new laws won't change anything for those that still break them, it only hurts us who follow the laws
  13. Ya know, most of what Section 336 had is still there and reads the same but with some important updates. As far as having to be a member of a "Community Based Organization", I already am. The part that could require remote ID does bother me however. I think that's going a bit overboard for recreational flyers. What would the cost of such a thing be? Seems like another money grabbin' scheme to me. In any event, I'll fly as long as I can but not invest in anything new. If forced to quit, I know a remote, deep lake that I'll drop everything into from the maximum 400-ft allowable altitude, then write it all off as something else I used to like to do before the Nanny-state took the fun out of it.
  14. It sounds like they want some kind of transponder put on it and if that is the case, looking at around $200 for some of them. Then you have to figure out how to mount it where it does not mess with flying and to much weight to one side.

    I have a meeting with my Congressman on Friday and I already let him know what I will be talking with him about, so he can research it and hopefully have a good answer on if he read it, if not why, and if so why did he vote for it. lol
  15. Great, But they dont say anything about possibly taking away our 4th amendment right or the possible cost to the hobbyist. Only how it will help the airlines. Its bullshit
  16. This article doesn't say much of anything about drones except that Govt. can shoot 'em down if they're deemed a threat. I don't see Trump reading it either so we'll just have to accept it as the new law.

    Another thing I was thinking about is how this will get around to all those who don't know what's happening. You, me, and other forum members know these things because we get the news in forums. I first got wind of this from the AMA. Those that aren't members of the AMA, drone forums, or other drone related group are clueless. A couple guys where I work have drones (DJI's... boooo... hisssss.) and they have no idea had I not brought it up.
  17. Someone needs to open up a lawsuit for part of it being unconstitutional, since it messes with our 4th amendment rights. I posted it over in FB and everyone just ignored it.
  18. I take pictures for a RC Glider group and they have a big contest coming up this weekend, I will let them know to check things out and see how it will affect them in the future also

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