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  1. I've been interested in drones ever since I recently retired. I'm more concerned about video recording and have found that I have caviar tastes on a hamburger budget. I really like the Evo but it's a bit out of my price range. I like some of the DJI drones but they seem to have a bad reputation with support. Autel seems to have an excellent reputation and although I will probably never use it it's nice to know it's there.

    I recently looked at the X-Star Premium (refurbished) but have wondered how good are the refurbished vs new. The 2 most important considerations are flight time and video quality. I would appreciate any assistance from someone with more experience out there. I'm hoping to learn more from this and other forums.

    One last thing... I'm presuming that the heavier the drone, the shorter the flight time given the same power battery. Has anyone experimented with adding helium containers?

    Thanks... GrizzlyB
  2. Grizzly, Welcome to the forum. I wouldn't hesitate to get a used or refurbished X-Star Premium. It is an extremely capable drone with a very high quality 4k camera.

    Because a drone is heavier doesn't necessarily mean that it will have shorter battery life because the batteries are designed to be proportional to the drone (or device) that they are powering. Thus, a larger drone will have a larger battery and will most likely fly as long as a lighter drone with a lighter battery. :)

    Things that can affect efficiency of a drone are altitude, wind, prop design.

    Last, Autel customer service is (without any doubt) superior to that of DJI. Autel customer service is amongst the best in the industry.
    Happy flying Griz!
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