New to flying drones

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Danny, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. New to this sport I live in the mid west in Illinois I am retired and have time now to enjoy the sport. looking forward to flying and videoing and taking pictures
    I have a Autel x-star premium so any info that I can learn from and buy supply's would be appreciated thanks in advance for any help Danny

    I am looking for info to what editing software to get for my videos and photos
  2. Video editing software is pretty platform dependent. I have a Mac and started with iMovie but recently upgraded to Final Cut Pro. Others who own PC's may be able to offer software suggestions for that platform.
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  3. The free one from microsoft works fine.
  4. I currently use the free Microsoft Movie Maker. But I've advanced to the point I'm ready to try something more advanced. Just haven't committed yet.

    Welcome to the forum.
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  5. look into Resolve. its free and you can do a lot with it. I have a PC. If you would like to ask any questions I will be here more nowdays

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