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  1. I just installed the 2.0.12 version in my drone, and now its a "Brick" 4 blinking red lights. Was fine before the install. Anyone else seen this?
  2. That's a new one. Maybe start over and go thru the process again?? Sorry I can't offer more help.....
  3. Rob, a 'brick' is something that can't be fixed. I doubt if that is the case here - although the folks at Autel can tell you for sure. I am confident that they will help you get it straightened out.
    In the meantime...
    I trust that you downloaded and saved the new .bin file on your computer. If so, then:
    • Put the microSD card into your computer and FORMAT it.
    • Copy the .bin file to the microSD card.
    • Now, power up your controller and start Starlink
    • Plug the microSD card back into the camera/gimble mount with the contact of the card facing up.
    • Now, power on the aircraft.
    • In a moment, your controller should indicate that the Firmware update is in progress. Allow it to run (uninterrupted) until the controller display indicates that the update was/is successful.

    • Once the update is successful, power down both the controller and the aircraft. (Repeat this procedure for each aircraft battery you have.) - very important.

    • As indicated above, power down the aircraft and the controller after the update is successful. After powering them down, you can power them up again and then things should be normal.

    • Note: Make sure that when you plug the microSD card into the aircraft, that the aircraft battery is turned OFF. You may only turn the aircraft battery ON after the microSD card has been inserted.
    • If all else fails, do call (don't write) Autel and they will help you.
    • Good luck Sir.
    • Happy New Year
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  4. Sounds like a bad install. However, the current firmware has "issues" (PC for bugs) with the latest version of IOS. I have seen these "issues" manifest themselves in different ways. Are yo flying on an Apple device and what version of the OS are you on?
  5. The problem with iOS is an Apple problem, and not a Autel fault.
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  6. Yep/ Sorry If I gave the impression otherwise. It's the reason I don't use my Apple devices for flying anymore.
  7. The X-Star seems to prefer Android much the same as DJI seems to prefer IOS.
  8. DJI is big on IOS? That's scary. I'm not a tech guy, I just want it to work out of the box (I don't fix 'em, I just fly 'em). Maybe I should lock myself in the hanger until the weather front passes.
  9. I'm not all that tech saavy either but, much of what I read, the Apple devices seem to work better with DJI. Not at all sure why that is. Personally I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 7-inch but it is dedicated to the X-Star. I don't have any other apps on it with exception of those that came with it, and I don't use most of them. I have not had any issues with the Autel StarLink app that can be attributed to the app or the Tab A.
  10. Try doing a bind to aircraft. if you get any connection to your phone/display you will see that. I had to do it many times for it to bind. Now I have problems with my Tab A or phone connecting.
  11. Do you get the dreaded "App Disconnected" message that either appears during/after flight or simply never connects from the get go? Over the past week or so, I have been getting that message more and more frequently. Funny thing is that I can still start/fly etc the XSP but have a "dead panel"

    FYI - have a friends XSP on the same controller and it works fine. Can't figure out what is different other than the firmware quality/upgrade (same version - different process)
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  12. Just a FYI here but you don't need a device connected to the controller to fly. The "star link app" is a convince but not necessary to fly. I have flown mine on several occasions with no device connected and works just fine (pictures and video) you just don't have a view screen/FPV.
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  13. Just like me. and that means you can take video/photos! But until you land and put the SD in a computer you don't know what you got
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  15. Sorry dude but I disagree. The starlink app is what is installed on your device and you said it your self that your phone or tablet is not necessary to fly. Your RC has it's own software which is NOT starlink.
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  16. Cops. You are absolutely correct. - and I am embarrassed.
  17. So any idea as to what to do?

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