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  1. Hello! I'm brand new to this forum, and will soon take possession of my X-Star Premium. I will start flying by using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (7") for my Starlink app. I've heard mixed views by others using this tablet and would like to hear input from anyone here who uses this device. Should I have the wi-fi and/or airplane mode on or off? Does it run the Starlink app well, just OK, or is it problematic? I have never used a quad with an external device. My Yuneec Q500+ has the device built into the controller, and my X380 uses nothing (but it's fun to fly!). Anyway, I'm hoping to hear from anyone with insight and advice about this device. This is my very first post here but I am looking forward to contributing more as time goes on. Glad to be here!
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  2. Welcome to Autel Forums!!!!

    I use an Insignia 10" tablet. Works well.

    Rumor has it that Autel is developing a controller similar to a laptop computer. Open the controller, fold up the control sticks, screen built-in. I think that would be a great step forward. I don't like the complexity of having a viewing device plugged in using a cord and having to charge an additional item.

    Hopefully someone using a viewer like yours can chime in with their experiences.
  3. I use Samsung Galaxy tab A 8" wifi on and airplane mode great no problems here.
  4. Thanks to those who have responded so far. That controller with the built-in screen described above would be awesome. One thing that brought me to the Typhoon Q500+ was the built-in screen. I am looking to get more distance than the Typhoon provides, and the X-Star Premium seems to fill the need. DJI does even better I believe but, I would rather not go there. I don't need to go out for miles but I'd like to get 3000-ft or better if possible in most locations. Autel just looks more promising to me all around

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" is the same as mine except for the size so I guess what I have should be fine. Does it really matter if the w-fi is on or off? Wi-fi is not needed with the Premium right?
  5. I use a Tab A 7" also. I have nothing else loaded on the tablet. It works great.

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  6. My most distant flight has been 1.5 miles. Excellent line of sight. My house is on a ridge. My buddies house is on the next ridge in sight 1.5 miles away. I've not tried anything further than that. 99% of my flights are within .5 mile of me.

    WiFi isn't needed.

    Keep us posted on your progress and post pics of course.
  7. No it really doesn't matter I just keep mine on all the time but not needed for flying
  8. I am getting excited about the X Star. I'm waiting for the new batch of orange ones to come in which, according to Autel, will be in a couple of weeks. There is also a new firmware update coming about the same time I'm told. I guess I could buy now from somewhere like Best Buy but, I think I'll hold out a while longer for the latest edition.
  9. I as well have a Tab A 7", that I only use for the controller. No issues works awesome.

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  10. What is supposed to be different about the "new batch"???
  11. I don't think anything will be different about them physically. I do think they will have all the latest firmware updates and any other minor tweaks in them out of the box. That will be one less thing I have to do before actually flying it. I contacted Autel a few days ago and was told that they are doing something with the firmware that will be out in a couple of weeks. Since I will be travelling on and off over the next couple of weeks, I'm not in a huge hurry to buy one now. I won't get to play with it for a while anyway. I do want the orange model and they are out of them right now. I planned to buy direct from Autel.
  12. I bought a Samsung Galaxy when I got my drone specifically for use with the drone. No wifi, just wired from the tablet to the controller. It works great but it is a bit heavy . Question,, what is "airplane mode"?
  13. Good morning! Airplane mode prevents the device from sending or receiving. It also shuts down the wi-fi and Bluetooth. Typically it's enforced by airlines to prevent interference with aircraft systems but, there's much more to that story. So... if you turn the mode on, you will not have wi-fi or Bluetooth so don't have it off if your drone uses wi-fi.

    Take a look here:
  14. I have a Nexus 7 2013 32GB which I hope can receive data from the x-star I ordered today.
    It is the 5.8 ghz I'm worried a bit on the Nexus.
  15. Just bought a Tab A 8 and all appears to work fine. Glare is an issue, Wondering if DJIs Crystal Sky screens are proprietary.

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