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  1. My wife has a Nexus 7 so I was just wondering if anyone has used one for the XSP?
    Its android 6 up to date software.

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  2. I don't have one but people report its is very laggy.
  3. My luck as usual. And the wind has been blowing for a week, even though I just got mine yesterday!
  4. LOL
    Don't feel bad, today is not cloudy or overcast but its fricken cold 0100nono11.gif

    I'm still going out later cold or not :)

    I have a old Ipad gen 2 I was hoping would work but it was a no go. Kids Ipad mini gen 2 works perfectly but try and get that away from him LOL
    Good luck with your weather.
  5. Any way to do PMs on this forum.

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  6. Just started to check faa and guess what? I am just inside the 5mile flight area.
    States I have to contact the flight tower be for I try and fly.

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  7. I tried the Nexus 7. It works but the video is laggy. It will work in a pinch tho

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  8. The PM's are handled through whats called starting a conversation up in the top right hand side. The XenForo software forums run a little differently but basically its all the same.

    Depending on the size of the airport it might be just a one time call to get approval. A lot of times they just thank you really don't want to hear from you again. The bigger airports I think you have to go through the FAA website now but I might be mistaken. I have not kept up on that in a while. Also a lot of the NFZ on that APP B4UFLY are wrong so make sure you check it out good. I heard the APP Hover was pretty good.
  9. Small non commercial air port. Grumman.
    But I'll get a number for the tower. Give them info. And get the operator's name!!

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