NFZ firmware

Discussion in 'General' started by Russell Newel, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Does the Autel X-Star premium have a No Fly zone furmware preloaded on its drones like Yuneec? I had to call Yuneec to get a different firmware that didn't have the NFZ. Sorry if this has been asked already.
  2. So I called Autel this morning, received a call back in just a couple hours, impressive, but was told they don't have any firmware w/o the NFZ on it. That's disappointing. I'm able to fly my Drones on the Air Force base I work on. With my Yuneec Typhoon, I call CS & was able to get the firmware w/o the NFZ & fly no problem. Now I may not be able to fly my XSP there,
  3. Are the NFZ's as restrictive and intrusive as the DJI's? It seems you have fewer and fewer places to go without getting some annoying warning, and it gets worse with each update (with DJI that is).

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