No communication after crash

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Twomuchjuice, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. Low speed low altitude crash yesterday.
    Gimble was ripped off. Pulled all wires from connector. Reassembled gimble and verified all wires in connector correctly.
    When I power up now I get radio connection and can control aircraft but no video signal and says please connect aircraft. No GPS info or any aircraft info in app or on controller.
    I just installed the it elite range extender antenna, not sure how that will effect my warranty either.
    I attempted to force gps calibration and controller binding with no luck. Any other ideas?
  2. Do you think your antenna Mod had anything to do with the crash?
  3. Not at all. There was a sign to the right of aircraft and out of my video feed, never saw it when I went to make a turn hit it at about 3 ft high.
  4. Antenna was working great. Flown about 4-5 batteries worth with it installed, no issues. I'm worried that if I call aultel support they will brush it off an antenna issue because it's aftermarket
  5. The antenna Mod will void warranty on the controller. Not the quad. Do you have a flight record of the incident?
  6. I had just enabled flight record at the beginning of this flight, first time. Not sure how it works or if it did work. Unfamiliar with that
  7. How do you enable flight record? Where in the app is that?
  8. I can't see this being a warranty issue. You ran it into something! I'd call and ask for a repair ticket and send it in to be fixed. I am sure they will take care of you for a reasonable price.

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