No More Beginner Mode

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  1. Just tasted the red cool aid!
    No beginner mode! Set my altitude to 150' and distance to 900' RTH is 120'
    33 MPH. Wind was 2 MPH.
    This thing rocks!
    Up and down three times manual takeoff and land- of course I had been practicing that for two weeks- on beginner mode.
    Now that I have had time to play with the camera I got some beautiful photos of my golf community. Been here 10 years and never new how beautiful it was from up above.
    Would love to set the max distance and look at the whole 27 hole community.
    Not just yet. Lots of trees and Id hate to loose it and not see the visual craft.
    But at that distance I couldn't anyway.
    I would have to rely on camera and the heading of the craft on the top of tablet.
    BTW: how do you controll the drone when you can't see it?

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  2. Several ways,
    In map view use the satellite setting. You can see every house tree street that you are flying over. In the top middle of your phone/tablet display, you can see the direction of the bird by the arrow direction.

    Second is the camera view, again you can see everything to fly without ever seeing the bird above you.
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