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  1. Received this as part of a response to a question I asked Autel customer service:

    "While we will no longer produce the X-Star new, we will continue to fully support the X-Star Wi-Fi and Premium aircraft."

    I guess the new EVO will be the only option they'll have. Once the X-Star's are gone from all sources, there won't be any. Autel did mention that there will be some refurbished units available when they have them but that too will go dry after a while.
  2. If anyone wants my 2 premiums, I have 2 complete kits minus one broken camera. 6 batteries, 6 or 8 sets of props, 2 chargers, 2 cases, 2 birds, one set of pro guards... I've not flown mine in a year. They will end up in the trash one day when I get mad about no room and I decide to clean out unused things.

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  3. Hangin' in the hanger with my fellow flying addicts. In addition to the heavy iron we play with, we are all are drone enthusiasts in one way or the another. After updating everyone on the "news", the conversation drifted to how we would put our XSP's out of their misery when the time came to do the humane thing. Envision a wounded bird with broken landing gear, blind, difficulty hovering, and can't find it's way home. Among the 7 of us, there are 5 XSP's and 6 birds of a different color..

    We finalized on the following. One of our members owns a industrial shredding/chipping company. Figuring we'd get a camera crew set up and fly our XSP's in formation into the mouth of the chipper at full speed. Another camera would capture the end result - think Fargo.
  4. That's unfortunate, for several reasons.

    1)The X-Star platform was supposed to be "versatile", new cameras via the removable camera mount, great concept. They even went so far as "teasing" current and future X-Star owners with announcement of two camera upgrades that never materialized. It's the main reason I choose X-Star over the Phantom 4 Pro....a mistake in hindsight, because I ended up buying a Phantom 4 Pro to get the better camera and the 3rd party add -on software (that also never materialized) ??????????

    2) Not believable. Now that they've abandoned the X-Star the die is cast, I don't trust them. I have two X-Stars to dispose of and they would like owners to move on to the Evo???? If I were interested In a Mavic Pro knock-off (depending on price) I might consider one. Anyone interested in a serious business opportunity will take a pass.

    The X-Star was a great opportunity for Autel to build credibility with 1st time buyers, they now have lost that credibility. It's too bad...DJI now is my vendor.

    Hope you're paying some attention...Autel.

    Good Luck All................

    PS...if anyone is interested I have two complete X-Stars and 9 batteries in total. They will be appearing on Ebay as two separate auctions in the next day or two. Who says there won't be X-Stars available, people will be disposing of them on Ebay.
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    I'm just wondering who will still provide drones in the style of the XSP other than DJI. Personally, I don't care for the Mavic-style drones. Like many others I'm just a fly for fun guy who likes to take a few photos and videos now and then. I don't have need for all the sensors or mapping functions. Never liked those folding propellers either. It seems everything coming out new is aimed more to the pros rather than the everyday amateur. DJI at least still fills the niche with the Phantom 3 SE, and Phantom 4 (even though it has lots of sensors). Perhaps I'll see things differently after I get to see one in person but, I would like to see the intermediate options available yet not be in the "toy" category.
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    LabRat: You will still be able to get support on X-Star Premiums as Autel will continue to support them. There will probably be a number of people who sell their XSP's as they replace them with an EVO. Likewise, it will be interesting to see how the prices are on the used XSP's.
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    Sure, there will be new ones for a while from other sources but none from Autel. I don't prefer to buy used unless it's a certified refurb from Autel or I know from whom I'm buying. I wonder about the batteries too. Will there be any new batteries coming? Autel has been out of them for a while again also. Unfortunately I have not seen any aftermarket batteries from any other supplier the way I have seen them for DJI and Yuneec. Best Buy does have some as does Amazon but if there are none being produced, and there are no alternatives, the supply will deplete eventually.
  8. The other big thing is the motors. They won't send any out to customers and they won't give specs so users can buy and replace them themselves.
    I think i do recall one of our users that replaced one with a DJI P3 motor and it worked fine though.
  9. I think they are the same. The XSP motors also look amazingly similar to the ones on my XK Detect X380.
  10. I'd rather not guess though when dealing with something this costly to be honest if you know what I mean. At this point i'm thinking of selling my XSP or fly it till it dies since I cannot afford to get the EVO.
  11. Fly it as long as possible. I'd believe the XSP itself should have a rather long life. Brushless motors will last quite a long time as long as they are kept free of dirt and grit. The Starlink app should be around a while too and perhaps there will be something aftermarket but, I don't see it going away anytime soon As long as Autel is around they would and should keep a download available. The XSP can be flown without it anyway albeit without a live view. Batteries would be a concern since there aren't any aftermarket ones that I know of. If they start to fail it could be hard to find new ones. Somewhere along the line there has to be someone besides DJI to fill the middle ground. DJI has seen the light and came back with the P3 SE. Maybe Autel will too. I can afford the EVO however, it just doesn't appeal to me for a few reasons. That P3 SE, from what I've seen so far, seems to be a pretty decent machine.
  12. Hey Tuf - When the time comes time to put it down, your welcome to join our "chip in" event. The more the merrier. A local newspaper is interested in covering the event. Thinking about turning it into a fundraiser for charities.
  13. What price you looking at? didn't see that??
  14. Whats the price? for both?
  15. Well that is bad news if true. I figured my XSP would last me years but if we can't buy replacement batteries we are beat. My original battery failed within 6 months and Autel replaced it free. How long will the replacement last? And does Autel expect me to buy a new drone if I can't get a battery for the "old" one? If so I will be looking elsewhere.
  16. where are you located? Do you want batteries?
  17. Thailand. But what's the price for the drones??
  18. If the one I have listed on Ebay doesn't sell today $475 each which would include drone one set of props, controller, parts kit and carry case. Would not include battery or charger.
  19. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone with 4K Camera, 1.2-mile HD Live View
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    Guess not.. this beats that

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