Discussion in 'General' started by Curt Glandorf, Jan 24, 2023.

  1. Hi, Im new to this forum too and i'm having a problem with my evo sd card system. fFirst when I take a photo I get an error message saying UNKNOWN FILE FORMAT and when I select to format the card it comes back with FORMAT UNSUCCESSFUL. i tried different sd cards that work fine in my other drones and now nwhen I try to take a photo with the EVO It comes up NO SD CARD even though I'm certain ther is a card in it. I had this problem the first time about a year ago after I bought the drone and had to send it to Autel to fix it. Now its doing the same thing again and they want me to send it in again. Is there anyone that has had this issue that can offer me a possible solution because the EVO flys great but is basically useless if I can't video or take photos. Autel doesn't seem to support the EVO anymore and I don't want to send it in again if the problem could happen again like it did now. Other alternative is to buy a DJI but I'd rather not,

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