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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by E Watts, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. HI guys, I'm a newbie to drones and thing video. When I take video and look at it on the playback there's a lot of noise and pixelation in my video. I've tried researching it on the web without much luck. I see other videos and theirs are crystal clear. What could I do to get cleaner clear 4K videos from my drone camera. Is it a signal issue possibly? I tried to no wifi off my tablet, to see if that would improve it but to no avail. I really want to take it post quality videos so hopefully someone has and I did.
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  2. VLC media player had problems with the full 4K video but the windows player worked fine. I ended up reducing to 1080 so the files would be smaller and easier to handle and really see very little difference with my playback equipment. My Roku would not play the UHD 4K either.
  3. Here's a little video breaking down some of what I do to make it more cinematic
  4. Only film in ISO100, anything above ISO100 will produce noise.

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