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  1. My X-star premium will arrive Tuesday and I'm looking for a tablet or notepad to use for it since my old Samsung Note II will not work according to others. My questions is what is preferable for screen size? Bigger could be better but at what point are you fighting the weight and size of it and the controller vs the benefits of a larger screen? Also, comments lead me to believe the Samsung screens overall are Good performers for seeing in daylight, any comments on display types would be appreciated as well. Thanks!
  2. I am new to this as well so take that with a grain of salt. However, I did a ton of research on this purchase, most people are pretty confident anything larger than an iPad mini is too large. I intend to either get a mini or make due with my iPhone 7+, I did see a write up from I think she calls herself dronegirl, where she discusses how her iPhone 5 is laggy on the video, so you probably want newer instead of old and cheap. I will post once I get mine and start playing with it. Mine arrives wed, you will be a full day ahead of me :)
  3. I use a 10" Insignia android tablet. I prefer a larger, better view. I commonly shoot video of moving targets at 20ft elevation. I tried my wife's 7" Samsung. Didn't see any difference in quality. Could have probably got by with that size. I never notice the weight or bulk.
  4. I've used my Samsung S6, and Note 5 phones. Both performed just fine, but the screen size seemed inadequate.

    Bought a Samsung S2 8" tablet and it seems perfect to me.

  5. Sparky, where did you get that launchpad? Does it fold up like those windshield sun visors?

  6. Amazon/$20. Yes, it folds up to about a 14" diameter disc.
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  7. I built a couple. Lightweight, easy to carry. If you don't stake it down the drone will blow it away. I never land now, just catch it, much less hassle and dust.
  8. Using a 10.5" Samsung tablet & loving the screen size and brightness (old fart eyes), the weight and bulk don't bother me. I think it really helps for FPV flying.
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  9. I have a iPad mini. It is a 32 gig dedicated to the xstar. It is laggy sometimes and has video interference quite a bit. I noticed that a real lightening cable does better.
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    DSC3909_mod1_120.jpg I use a full size iPad Air, the size makes it a little awkward to get used to at first, but the tradeoff is the beautiful big screen - a real boost for "older" eyes! Also makes it easier for flight planning with the new offline mission planner. I have a thin rubber shell on mine, and the Autel sun shade fits like a glove. I agree with BugLover about using a non-Apple cable, I tried one just to get a shorter cable length, but the genuine lightning cable seems to be a lot more stable, so I just wrapped the excess into a loop with a tie.
  11. Yes, we really should call them launch pads. I always hand catch, also. LOL

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