Nvidia Shield K1

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by rixxie33, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Selling this excellent condition tablet that I used for one month this year on my XSP.
    This is one of the top rated tablets for flying the XSP- we have two of these but only
    one XSP- as I sold mine.
    So I want to move this onto another XSP owner- again- used for one month this year
    and its in excellent condition- has Amazon warranty for another two years!

    $225.00 shipped and insured tothe lower 48 states-

    Thank you,
  2. U still have it
  3. yes I do=
  4. Send me some pics if u STILL have Friday I will buy
  5. OK- If I can post here I will- if not email- or txt- let me know.
  6. Rixxie33 - I’m not interested in the tablet, but like your avatar!
  7. This tablet is actually really powerful with Tegra K1. Its really bad that they cancel the X1 tablet.
  8. I
    If I cant sell it local- i am going to keep it- thanks

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