Obstacle Avoidance or not?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stevo51064, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Hi,

    New to the drone world and I like everything about this drone. Can someone clarify whether or not this drone is equipped with an obstacle avoidance capability. I've seen some videos that indicate otherwise, but maybe its an older video since I've seen some indicators it might have that feature in a new version?
  2. It does not have obstacle avoidance.
  3. That video, that was posted on the Autel website at CES 2017, is a "things to come" video. None of that stuff has been released yet. Trust me, I have two XSP's and neither has obstacle avoidance, nor can you presently buy one with it.
  4. OK good to know. I like everything I read about those Drones.
  5. I almost went over to the dark side because of that feature. It will be a nice addition when it comes.
  6. I've mentally studied that feature. I see little value. I've got 100 hours of flight time. I've crashed twice because of obstacle contact. Both times was totally my fault. I believe it makes me a better pilot to have that in my control. Having the ability to fly toward a building for example and have the drone stop before contact is of very little use to me. Just me here.
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  7. Point well taken
  8. Obstacle avoidance !! Just one more thing to go wrong ! I watch very closely where i am and where im going and have not had a problem yet !
  9. My XSP does not have obstacle avoidance, but it does have DJI Customer Service avoidance.
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  10. Obstacle avoidance is probably not something most of us need to have. It's a nice feature if you fly in really tight spots but, who or how many of us do that? Personally, I have no use for it.
  11. I frequently fly in "tight" spots. Usually it's altitude that puts me in danger. Obstacle avoidance would have to be very quick and very accurate to do me any good. My "obstacles" are usually trees, power lines, etc. Not sure it would help me much.....

  12. I heard it is coming soon . Along with retractable landing gear. Waiting to buy ASAP
  13. Understand, this has been "predicted" for a year now.

    Autel's timeline and mine don't seem to coordinate.

    Also understand, if the drone has retractable landing gear and a rotating camera it will require an entirely new RC system. Keeping track of which direction the drone is facing will take on a whole new meaning. :)

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