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Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Windwalker7, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. I just ordered an XSP from Amazon. I ended up getting a white one. I like the orange, but saved $60 by getting white. I also ordered another battery and prop protectors.

    I have a question, will the drone fit in the case with prop protectors installed?

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  2. Best of my knowledge no they have to be removed.
    BUT. Maybe if you cut out the foam it could.
    I myself would not do that and destroy the original packing material.
    Blades remove and install is very quickly.

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  3. Prop protectors will NOT fit in the case.
  4. If you need prop protectors, your flying where you should not be. They are a completely worthless item, you should be in the air, safely above any objects with room to spare.

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  5. I've never flown. Just ordered from Amazon. I thought they'd be a good idea until I get experience.

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  6. Just fly in open areas. That's how I started. Above tree tops or in wide open places.

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  7. Prop protectors are great for landing too. Although this has never happened to me I have seen some videos where the drone would tip over on landings and the prop protectors would save the props. I do recommend that once you are comfortable flying and landing to remove the protectors.
  8. Hover at 5 feet, walk over and grab the vertical bar of the landing gear. I never land on the ground. Useless.

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  9. Well that's a first, just curious but may I ask why you don't land the bird by conventional means such as auto land or a manual land as compared to grabbing at a 5' hover? I personally believe "landing" is very "useful"
  10. Auto land works great, the aircraft will ascend slightly as it enters ground effect and then settle down to a nice landing. I enjoy hand flying the landing phase to see how gently I can touch down. I've done the hover and grab the landing gear once just for grins.

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