One of my motors has gone bad!

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by LabRat1957, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. I purchased my refurbished XSP in November. I have flown 14 flights since then with no issues until this past Sunday (Jan 14). One of the motors feels like it has sand in it when I rotate it by hand. It's rough to turn and feels gritty or "lumpy" as though it had lots of dirt in it. It does not. The coils inside are clean and shiny, and I can see nothing in there that would account for the feel. It appears this happened somehow with the XSP just sitting in the case since I didn't notice anything when I took the propellers off after my last flight on Sunday. I noticed it last night while checking the Master Airscrew propellers for looseness (separate thread on that). What the heck could have happened? Nothing about the flights was unusual and I didn't hear any strange noises from the motors.. I have not dropped it or otherwise abused it. Weird! But, I can't fly anymore until this gets fixed. I have e-mailed Autel so we'll see what happens.
  2. Well... I don't know what the heck is going on with that motor. I put a prop on that motor and fired everything up (with the XSP held down of course). The motor spun up with a course, grinding noise at first, then settled down. I revved it up pretty good too. After shutdown, I turned the motor back and fourth by hand and it seemed normal. I put everything back in the case but just to reassure myself, I turned the motor by hand again. Now it was grinding again! Put a prop on again and fired it all up. Motor started a little less rough than before but still rough. It settled again and all was good... I hope. Turned it again by hand many times forward and back, and all was normal. It was just as the other three motors so I put everything back again. All was well this time so I closed the case in hope I would not hear or feel the grinding again. I believe the motor is generally OK but, there must be something loose bouncing around inside the motor somewhere. I sure can't see anything though. Autel has not told me anything as yet.
  3. If you got canned air try that in the motor. I use it a lot just to make sure I don't get anything in the motors.
  4. I do, and will try to clean it thoroughly ASAP. I'd feel better if I could actually see something and be able to remove it. I had a message from Autel on my work phone this morning. For some reason they think I crashed the XSP but I never said anything about crashing in my communication with them. I guess it's just assumed that it crashed. Anyway, I'm not sure at this point if I need to send it back. I'll see what I can do myself first.
  5. I'm new here today and I see some names from another forum I was a member of but haven' been able to sign in on it the last few days
    ************ anybody know what' going on there?
  6. LabRat: If it is older than 60 (like me), then you can expect things to go wrong.
    Just kidding ;)
  7. Scrib: Are you referring to the X-Star forum. (https://************.com/ ) If so, I haven't noticed any problems signing on there. If you have problems signing on to that forum (or any forum for that matter), scroll to the bottom of the home page and you should be able to find "Contact". When you contact them, you can send a message to the moderator of the forum; letting him/her know of the problem you are experiencing. Good luck. :)
  8. I am! Hence the "1957" in my name.
  9. So you know what I mean (above over 60) :)
    G'day Sir
  10. ahh to be that age again!!
  11. That's why we enjoy the life we have.
  12. Thank you finally got that sorted out... It takes me awhile to figure things out next month wll be a very young 70

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