One Of The 360° Panos I have done.

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Agustine, Feb 7, 2017.

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  2. Ok, how did you shoot this?
  3. Scott made up this little tutorial. There are a few on youtube.
    Since the X-Star app will not position the bird in the right spots to take the photos you need to manually do it. If you think about a clock and use the grid lines in the app this is done pretty easily.
    You need a total of 18 photos. 8 looking straight out, 8 looking 45 degrees down and 2 looking straight down but opposite each other.

    In the tutorial Scott suggests Microsoft ICE (a free program) to stitch it all together. I found it did not work all that well for me so I used PanoramaStudio. This worked great. You will also need Photoshop. Once done you can upload to facebook or to

    Here is the tutorial I followed:

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  4. What version of PanoramaStudio are you using?
  5. LOL
    I have a pirated copy of version 2. I could not get 3 to work for some reason.
  6. This is awesome. Gonna have to try this out

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  7. Very Awesome
  8. He only tells you how to put the photos together. How do you take the photos. At what angles

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