One Tough Bird

Discussion in 'EVO' started by cappy, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Three weeks in a tree including two thunderstorms! Was doing photos of house surrounded by trees. After doing shots by rotating EVO manually (Still Shots), decided to try 'Orbit mode'. Thought I had it's height adjusted above tree line, BUT one extra tall tree did me in. (My fault, in Orbit, bird flies sideways, no sensors. Not paying attention, lost visual line of sight) Finally got a professional tree climber who quickly got it down. One prop slightly bent down, easily bent it back into proper position. Charged the battery, And EVO took off as if nothing had happened! Amazed bird survived three weeks in the weather, rain, morning dew, etc, and it took it all in stride! Side sensors would have been nice, but this certainly not a deal breaker considering the overall performance of this great little bird.
    Was so impressed, bought a second EVO as a backup on Photo shoots. Where I do lots of shots involving 'drone eating trees' I subsequently bought a claw hook and a quick release device, to fly a parachute cord up, grab a drone in a tree, release from the rescue drone, and shake the drone lose.
    With the Chinese linked competition. doing all sorts of advertising about their 'new features' want to say the Autel EVO is the best drone available as is! Rugged, portable, no manufacturer restrictions, excellent customer service, no data tie in to a foreign government. GO EVO!
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  2. You think that's tough, my EVO got hit by an SUV
  3. SUV OK? Assume EVO won the battle.
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  4. You bet

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