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  1. Actually used the orbit function today and the X-Star Premium did fine but the Starlink app on the Iphone6s (updated to current available) had a couple issues. First it took me forever to set the distance and finically had to use a longer distance than I wanted. I was trying to set the distance at 130 ish feet but it would only let me input 145 feet. Next I was unable to select the Number of Orbits which was shown at 4 but I only wanted on. Actually had to pause it after the first lap and then hit the return to home and cancel out of that to drop the orbit function. Anyone else have issues like this?

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  2. I used it for the first time yesterday using Android. I don't recall exactly my orbit distance but it was less than 100ft at 40ft elevation. I let it do 5 laps. Had a stiff 10mph W wind. I noticed the distance changed a little as it circled. I attributed that to the wind but maybe not? Otherwise it worked fine.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Just trying to find out if it is an issue with my particular phone. Like I said I have not used this function before so was trying to figure if it is my end or if my fingers are just too large to operate the buttons.

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