pictures of your drones?

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  1. I was curious if anyone would share a picture of their drone with me? I haven't seen many in person. I'm interested what kind of drones you all chose to buy? Please include some information about why you like ot.
  2. Here is my fleet, a few have been sold or retired since this photo. 20160522_144313-01.jpeg
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  3. Way to set the bar there X-Starman... Here is my group of toys.
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  4. They multiply over night you know.
  5. My one and only (so far)

  6. You picked a good one.
  7. The X-Star is my fave at the moment.


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  8. Hello. I joined this forum specifically to ask you this question. My Chroma has gone for a swim so I need a new quad. Since I have money invested in Blade system I was going to get a new Chroma 4k but they are discontinued. There are still some in the stores but why spend money on something that will soon be obsolete. I see you have both the Chroma and Autel. Is the Autel THAT much better?
  9. Hi Lawrence,

    I assume you are the same Lawrence from the Yuneec Forum ( I responded to you there re your ST10)

    I understand your frustration about now owning a discontinued product, I feel your pain, I have two myself. I do believe however that there were so many parts and birds floating around out there, that we should be able to keep them flying for quite some time into the future. Like most tech industries what you buy is almost obsolete as soon as you purchase because the next best thing or version of it is in the pipeline ready to launch. Since I never bought my Chromas new, or from HH I was never under a warranty so I have worked on them myself, so the fact that HH has systematically discontinued the models as they went it didn't really concern me.
    Now to your question of is the Autel THAT much better.......yes and no. Personally for me I prefer the Autel over both my Chroma and the Q500. However I also believe each one has their place and purpose. It's also personal preference, which I know is hard to achieve without being able to try one without purchasing (unless you are fortunate to hook up with someone who has a model you are interested in and can fly it). The Chroma IMO is a better flyer, although much slower (in AP at least). I think it's a great camera platform for stability / smoothness (the Autel has a known issue with not having smooth panning / yaw control ) and it's nice to have that rabbit / turtle slider to easily dumb down the stick inputs. It is also nice at times to have the built in screen of the ST10 with the Chroma. The CGO cameras are pretty good as well.
    What I like about the X-Star, is the build quality, the camera for sure ! It is much better IMO than the CGO3/ 2 etc, it's speed even in GPS mode, the video feed is far better than the WiFi of the Chroma / Q500, the app on the tablet or phone, the controller (very comfortable and unlike the DJI Phantom line it has a primary flight display on the controller so if for some reason you have an app crash or device issue you still have primary critical flight info displayed on the controller), the smart batteries and flight features. Now, if you have read many have had issues with the firmware update which Autel has now pulled and reverted back to the original and various other issues and it has raised concerns about how Autel is actually doing. Quite a few folks as of recent have been selling them at really good prices, I think due to these concerns, issues they have had and the release of the DJI Mavic. Thankfully the only issue I have had with mine is one battery went dead but they are replacing it. Each drone / company is going to have issues. Finally for me with the Autel I haven't. My video feed and range has been fine both on Android and iOS. I am also still running the new firmware and it has been fine for me. I can't speak for those that have legitimate range / video lag issues after the update etc. Thus far both of my Chromas have been good to me as well. The CGOs and the Q500s not so much as I was plagued by many issues with those. Due to that, and the WiFi range, I decided against the H and went with this. Seeing as I can not get what I have into them, I have chosen to keep my Qs and the Chromas because the work, but I'm broke at this point lol. I intend to keep my X-star, it works great for me, I love the confidence it has built for me, not worrying about a fly away (typical of the Chromas) or worrying about it just falling out of the sky (known crap ESC / motor circuits on the Q500s). So far, and I've only had since May every time I take it out, it boots up, flies and comes home :) . I still would very much like to try a Phantom 3 Pro or Advanced. I know they have their issues too both as a craft and company, I would like to form that opinion for myself. I bought my Q500 back in the day because everyone raved about it and the customer service. I did not have those experiences.
    Not sure if that ramble helps, if you have any other questions let me know.
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  10. Thank you very much. You have helped a lot. So you feel that the image quality between the two is comparable? Hmmm, may be best for now to stick with Chroma.

  11. I honestly think the image quality is much better on the X-star. It also has better low light performance.
  13. MadMattz
    Where did you get your gimbal lock/ lens protector from I'm looking for one just like that will work over filters and will it slide into the case or do you have to modify the case a little?


  14. Rich,

    I ordered it from a guy on one of the FB pages, and honestly I forgot what the email address was. Carolina drones sells one that is similar. The one I have does go over filters. I am not sure if the one CD sells does, you may want to contact them to ask. Also Autel now makes one as well, check their main web site.
  15. [​IMG]

    Flight at Rondondo Beach.

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  16. FB pages?
    Autel's will fit over the filters only the Freewell ones I guess not the Polar Pro. But they're out of stock and don't know when they'll be back in stock. I contacted CD just waiting for a reply.

  17. I tried linking them but it didn't work. If you use Facebook, try searching for Autel X-star owners group #1, Autel Robotics X-star owners group and Autel Robotics X-star owners. There are three different groups.

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