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  1. Ok guys. I am a relatively new drone operator and boy does it show. On my 4th or 5th flight during landing, the drone was on the ground and tipped over. I stopped it and picked it up and put it back in the case and thought nothing else about it. Seemed very incidental. Now when I try to fly, all I get is the following error. " Gimbal over-tilts. Gimbal is entering sleep mode. Gimbal attitude is abnormal. " Motor's won't start or anything. I have went back and made sure all firmware is updated. I have also try binding the drone, disconnecting and reconnecting the gimbal. Autel says I should send it in but worried that it is something small and that they will charge me a fortune not to mention I will be at their mercy for a return time. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks .
  2. I have had to send my XSP back to Autel for check out and repair twice, once after a horrific crash and once after a minor one. Neither time was expensive to repair (like roughly $80.00) and shipping is free. Both times I had a diagnosis and cost estimate within 24 hours of them receiving the drone. Can not say enough good things about the product or the customer service. Looking to get an EVO as soon as I canscrape up the cash.
  3. What was the turn around time for both repairs. I really would like to get the drone back quickly before my beach trip next month.
  4. Shipping time from eastern PA out to Washington and back was a week each way. Repair time was about 24 hours (not counting the weekend it was there for the second repair). If you are in a hurry you can pay for faster shipping, but that IS expensive. Otherwise, make sure you ship so they don't receive it on a Friday
  5. Before sending that bad boy in try flying it without the gimbal attached to the bird. You will only be using the controller without any device attached but it should still fly. If it don't then I suspect something wrong with the XSP and then yeah I would send to Autel for repair.
  6. Thanks for the input but I tried that already too
  7. Sorry I didn't catch the results on that but I'm assuming it didn't fly. At least you can rule out the gimble.
  8. Just received the news back from Autel yesterday about my XSP repair. They notified me that I need the main aircraft PCB replaced and that it was the 2nd most expensive part to replace. Total price for repair, $217. I asked if there were any way they could discount it all and they said they would have to refer to a manager and get back with me. I told them that they should be able to look at the condition at the drone, near mint, and tell that the drone hadn't been mishandled and that a tip-over I thought shouldn't have screwed up the PCB. Of course, they replied that it could be from a tip-over or very hard landing. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will work with me but either way I am anticipating getting my bird back in the air shortly.
  9. Props to Autel. I called them after I recieved the $217 invoice and begged and pleaded to see if any discount was available. After 2 days I heard back and they advised that the manager had authorized a 20% discount dropping my repair to only $173. I consider this a win especially since they paid for shipping both ways and gave the discout. My bird is on it's way and should be back up and flying by this weekend. Thanks again Autel for the great customer service experience.
  10. That's the kind of customer service more companies should have

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