Polar Pro Premium Gimbal Guard

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  1. I purchased a Polar Pro Gimbal Guard from Amazon to protect my $350 camera in the event i come down hard on a rock or tree branch. For $15, it is a worth while investment. It snaps onto the bottom of the landing gear, is thin, light weight & works. I fly at 9600 ft. all the time with a Marco Polo & Trakimo tracking system plus this gimbal guard, so i know the weight is not a factor. I have included a link to this item. https://www.amazon.com/PolarPro-Aut...8-13&keywords=autel+xstar+premium+accessories

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  2. I've seen these being talked about before and they look pretty cool. However I would think that this guard would be better served if it was wider to protect the camera assembly more. The actual protection area seems rather small when considering there's nothing in the way to protect more of the bottom of the drone.

    I've also wondered, when forced to land in grass, if things become more tipping because you are pushing the grass down as you land.
  3. It's designed thinner to avoid issues with the sonar & landing camera on the bottom. In the picture , the guard is mounted in the center for clarity of the guard but normally i move in under the camera. If landing in the grass, i don't think it will change anything, if anything it might make it more stable. Just my thoughts, you make your own decision on rather it's worth the protection of your camera.

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