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  1. Could someone be kind enough to explain when a polarized neutral density filter would be used (on the X-star premium). I have a set of ND4/PL, ND8/PL, and ND16/PL. Also, when do I NOT use them? BTW: If I don't want polarized and just ND filters please let me know that also.
    Thanks again. Barry
  2. Barry, I'm with ya. I haven't quite grasped the fulter thing yet either. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. :)
  3. I’ve not used ND filters but am familiar with the theory, having worked with infrared instrumentation in my last business position.

    Think of ND filters as sunglasses for your camera lens. The different ND numbers indicate the amount (intensity) of light that is reduced by the filter. They are called Neutral density because they don’t change the hue (color); just the light intensity.

    Polarizers have the ability to control the angle of the light that passes through the lens. They can be useful in reducing / controlling glare. So a polarized ND filter controls not only the amount of light that is passed through, but also the direction of light waves being transmitted.

    As I said, I lack practical experience in the use of these filters, so I’ll leave commentary on that to those with experience. There is more about the theory on Wikipedia here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutral-density_filter
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  4. Very good explanation of Neutral Density and of Polarization. Thank you very much!!!
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  5. Thanks for your replies and explanation. Hope this doesn't sound to weird but... if I remember correctly a polarized lens is adjustable by rotating it. If that is correct (and let me know if I am wrong please), what good is a polarized lens on a drone... you cannot adjust the lens while the drone is in flight.
  6. Correct. Rotate the filter pre flight if it is a polarizer. I suggest viewing results via the app feed to see what rotation is better for you. The polar pro people sent me a set. They don't have marks on them so I have to test pre flight to make sure it's best for me. Most of the time I just use an ND4 non polarizering filter. I shoot in manual mode in lower light settings to reduce noise and grain, otherwise the app will force a high ISO setting. I vlogged about the filters on my YouTube channel if you want to take a look.

    Hope this helps. (I'm not paid by Polar Pro, even though I do think they make some nice equipment. I'm just a freelance digital content creator)
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  7. Antpruitt, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experience!!! :)
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  9. Thanks, Antpruitt. I liked seeing how you worked through figuring out what worked best for you. I got a cheap set of filters without any polarized ones. I haven't played with them much yet, but I definitely want to improve my video/photo skills.
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  10. My pleasure
  11. Sure thing. My pleasure. Good luck!


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