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  1. How does the app obtain the data it populates on the start up screen, wind speed, temperature. etc.
    Does the app require 3G/4G connection to a wireless device to gather this information. I will be running a WiFi only tablet for my FPV and see this as a potential issue.

    Autel srn cap.jpg
  2. I think it does require an internet connection to get current data. If I remember correctly, the data is missing without one. My phone plan now includes "HotSpot" support, so I can get this information and map data through my phone.
  3. Yes Internet connection. My WiFi only tablet as the information missing, my phone and my 4G tablet both show it. Tha information has no value as far as I am concerned. I can tell what the temperature , wind speed and if it is sunny outside when I go out to fly.
  4. Thanks guys, looking to sort out the details.

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