Premature RTH after firmware update

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by Kyle B, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Newb here...I successfully did the firmware update on my bird and all four batteries. Yesterday I was flying and two of my batteries went into Return To Home when they were at 40%. I was about .25 miles away and at about 400 feet. By the time they were home, they were both above 35% capacity. With my third battery, I stayed within a couple hundred feet and did not experience the premature RTH like with the other batteries. I checked the settings on the Starlink app and they were set to the default 25% trigger point. Has anyone else experienced this before?
  2. Kyle B,
    Now that you mention it, yes this has happened to me also... with the fw 2.01 update.
  3. I was having some battery problems at the same time I did the update. I experienced something similar but can't confirm that it was update caused. I've got my battery issues resolved and will do some videoing at the local dragstrip this weekend. I'll know after that whether it's update related or not. Thanks for posting!!!!
  4. I have not done that firmware update and from what I read here, I don't think I will.
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  5. I was reluctant as well. But I also understand that future changes will only function if the updates are current. I expect more updates in the future so am trying to stay current. So far I've had more gains than losses. I've gotten used to the new speed and I really like the stability improvements.
  6. I guess I am just reluctant to change, same as most things in my life. If it is working and I am happy, why change anything? What is the new speed? Mine seems fast enough for my needs. Stability improvements? I guess I have seen a few incidents where updating computer related things leaves me wishing I'd left it alone.
  7. I totally understand. Not trying to talk you into anything.

    Much faster vertical down speed.
    Much faster stop from full throttle horizontal.
    Can't confirm faster vertical up speed but seems like it.
    Will go just as fast sideways as forward.
    Landing stability is greatly improved (knowing both of us hand catch).
    Prop shutoff when hand catching is a bunch quicker.
    Seems to hover much more stable.

    None of these individually are a reason to update. Combined they are significant.
  8. Those sound like some good improvements. I might consider the update after all. No hurry though. I have not even had time to fly for a week it seems.
  9. When does your harvest start Roosty?
  10. It already has for some. I have swathed all the canola and oats but not ready to combine yet.
  11. Have you frosted yet?
  12. No rain, no frost.

  13. I have had some problems at 400 ft. but, what really concerns me is how unstable the drone is when it is hovering. Drifting up and down and side to side.

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