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  1. So Autel charges 50.00 more just for the orange? The white premium is the same as the orange right? Just don't see why it would be 50.00 more.
  2. The orange isn't $50 more, the white is $50 less.

    The demand is higher for the orange version so they lowered the price of the white ones.
  3. Just visited the Autel web site and you are correct. My guess is that they just have the white ones on sale right now maybe just just trying to deplete some over stockage. They actually list both colors at 799.00 with what looks like the white being on sale for 50.00 off. They only list the wifi version in white (no orange) and I know they used to have orange and white in wifi. I personally paid 699.00 at Best Buy for my X Star Prem (new in box) in Dec 2016 just before Christmas.
  4. That's funny :) 50.00 less lol
    I bought the white one and then started thinking why was it 50.00 less ;)
    I'm happy I'm not missing anything extra features. Can't wait for the new 20 megapixel camera to be released.
  5. That one inch sensor 20 megapixel camera isn't coming until late 3rd quarter early 4th quarter 2017 according to what Autel support told me last week. That is subject to change of course but don't hold your breath. The ability to upgrade with nothing to upgrade to. The Flir Duo thermal camera should be out next quarter though if that is something your interested in (not me).
  6. I got the same info on the camera and like you I have no interest in the thermal.
    I just ordered a second battery and thought having a orange one would be nice :)
  7. I'm so happy I was cheap and bought the white one lol. This thing is looking sharp. Next I might replace the legs :)

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  8. Just curious but is that the premium or wifi model?
  9. I guess a fellow could paint a white one orange or whatever color you wanted? :cool:
  10. I have the white premium unit. I should be getting my orange battery today, I hope this one isn't bad like the last one. I think it's going to look real sharp.

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