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  1. I mentioned this at, but I think it would be useful to have a Problems/Solutions sub-forum. Each topic would be a specific problem and would contain posts from other users with the same problem as well as any workarounds and solutions, if available. There is an example of this here: Xiro Owners Forum: Broken Repair Help though I'd suggest a better name. (I see the forum supports BBCodes if you know them.)
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  3. Everything about the X-Star and X-Star Premium is identical except for the video link. All problems except for those related to the video link apply to both. Someone with a Premium might post a problem in the X-Star Premium forum, and someone with a X-Star Wifi might not think to look for it there. To review all reported problems tone would need to scan/search both forums and ignore all posts that are not related to a problem.

    A Problems/Solutions forum would make it easier to review other people's problems. It's also easy to set up so I don't understand your reluctance to creating one. Worst case is that it isn't used.
  4. Will merge the forums X-Star and X-Star Premium into one then.
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  6. it would be useful to have problems/solutions sub forum.
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  8. I would like to see a warning on the app before the go home function is triggered to give time to make any needed adjustments. Maybe 60 seconds? Also, if the bottom rail of the landing gear could be extended 1/4" beyond return curve, it would give the bird stability and not fall over after landing. All in all I find this aircraft with better design for breakage and repair by pilot. DJI's attitude is "crash and you die, send back to China", so thank you.

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