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  1. Hi - just ordered my X Star Premium, I've never flown a drone before. Looks like prop guards might be a good investment?
  2. Hi Jim, I traded the prop guards towards extra props. My experience with the prop guards on is they hang up better in trees. I don't fly indoors, which is where I think they'd be most effective. Fly slow and take the camera lag into consideration when flying and you'll do OK. I've had a few "unscheduled landings" and 1 major crash. Prop guards wouldn't have helped the out come. They also are more unstable in wind. Your gonna like your XStar Premium alot. The down side is the big case and set up. The upside is that big case protects the heck out of your drone when transporting. In my opinion prop guards aren't all that necessary. Others will say different.
  3. Good info Steve, thanks. I think I'll forget about the prop guards, what you say makes a lot of sense and I won't be doing any indoor flying that I can think of at the moment.
  4. I bought prop guards with my xsp. Installed them when it arrived. 10 minutes later took them off and haven't used them since. XSP won't fit in the carrying case with them installed. Consider it much more important to store XSP in case than fly with guards.
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    I have them, but seldom use them. These are times I think they may be useful (and this is only my opinion):
    1. First flights - just an additional confidence booster if you've never flown a drone before (like me!)
    2. Flights over people - if there's any possibility you might come down over people, worthwhile from a safety/liability standpoint.
    3. Flights in low light, when those spinning black blades get pretty darn hard to see.
    Since they are so cheap, and take less than 10 minutes to install or remove, to me it's worthwhile to have them "just in case". Also might want to keep in mind that since the guards are obviously larger than the props, unless you have the camera pointed down a little they are going to show up in your imagery whenever you make an abrupt movement that causes the X-Star to pitch forward (like accelerating) or when the wind is buffeting the aircraft around. Then it's time for some creative cropping and/or editing!
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  6. I ordered a set with mine, but because it makes the drone impossible to get into a backpack I have never used them (no flying allowed in local parks so I hike to scenic areas). If you plan to land on even slightly uneven ground they are probably a great investment, but it's very easy to hover it in front of you and grab it with one hand and kill the motors with the other to avoid tip-overs on landing. I now only land on hard flat surfaces like pavement, and catch it in other situations.
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  7. Yes, the landings when mine tipped over it would have been good to have prop guards and save the propellers from tearing up the ground and stalling the motors. After a couple of those episodes I do the hand catch landing and avoid landing tip overs.
  8. do they have landing leg attachments like the phanthoms have?
  9. Not that I've seen. I've heard of guys using DJI stuff and modify them to fit. It wouldn't be hard to zip tie something on. I was thinking of doing that to move my Marco Polo to a different spot to see if I can get rid of the interference with my video signal.
  10. Prop guards add weight which equals shorter flight time. I try to avoid adding anything that shortens my time in the air unless I need it for the purpose of the mission at hand.
  11. Hi I never fly with prop guards again. The craft is much more unstable when flying in 10+ knots of wind.

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  12. I really like the carrying case. It protects the drone exceptionally well. As such, it allows no modification of the drone. I sacrificed prop guards to retain case use. I think landing gear extensions would be the same.
  13. I have these and no the xstar won't fit in the case with the extensions on but they are designed to snap on and off, just be careful because it is a tight fit and they will break as I already know. After I got a replacement I modified it a bit to make it easier to snap on and off.
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  14. I have used the Autel prop guards, but find them to be rather flimsy. If I could find something more sturdy, I'd probably use them.
  15. I don't plan to install these and I plan to practice catching it so it won't flip, ah in a perfect world ................
  16. I'm an absolute novice so I bought them, put them on, and as far as I'm concerned they paid for themselves on the first day on landings alone. I don't expect they'll be on again after I get another dozen hours or so under my belt, but it's $15 well spent in my book.
  17. I didn't care fore how those looked, and got these instead I like them and fine the useful when landing in rougher terrain, though as others have mentioned hand catching would really prevent the need in most cases.

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  18. This what I found, ( but not sure which model to get, I am new and don't know which DJI the X-Star gear matches. I have sent a message to them and expect and answer soon.

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