Propeller stuck - will not come off even with wrench. Any tips?

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  1. I took it out tonight but it was extremely brief. I noticed the XSP wobbling about 20 seconds into the flight so I immediately landed, an erratic landing but a clean one. I went to start up again and the one rear motor barely spun, the other 3 were fine.

    So that was that. I went to pack up and leave. As I was disassembling the props, I feel that motor is much hotter, the propeller won't budge at all, I tried using the plastic wrench with no luck at all. It's almost like the propeller fused itself to the tip of the motor(?) I don't want to try any heavy duty tools fearing I'll break the darn thing.

    Deflating, I just got this back from Autel last Thursday, this is only my 3rd flight since I got it back. I don't know what the issue is now. I'm not having much luck with this XSP.:(
  2. Definitely an issue with that motor.

    I crashed once and had a hard time removing a prop. Ultimately used a pair of pliers to hold the motor.

    I'd be bummed out too. Try to make phone contact with Autel to discuss this. Maybe they can send you a replacement motor rather than having to send the drone to them... :(
  3. Thanks. I gave up on trying to remove it. I tried heat from a blow dryer to hopefully expand, loosen the prop, this didn't work. I'm waiting when Customer Service opens in a few hours. It would be nice to just get a replacement motor - but wondering how to even replace it myself though. I absolutely dread shipping this again via FedEx, last month it took 12 days just to get to Washington! If Autel can give me an express shipping label maybe 2-3 day delivery, this would be awesome.

    I looked online about "stuck propellers X-Star" possible tricks to get it off. No real luck there. Only seeing reviews, flight videos..plenty of posts about other drones.
    You simply don't see links or YouTube DIY videos when it comes with XSP's.
  4. Contacted Autel, decent customer service!
    Explained the problem - past problem. They sent a Fed Ex Express label, RMA. Had to pack the drone in the case with the one propeller still on it, no way around it. Case still zipped up.

    I just dropped it off, should be there by Tuesday. FAR less painful than the 12 day shipping from suburban Philly to Washington like last month. I'm happy.
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  5. Definitely keep us posted. Hope you get it back soon.

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  6. Any update on this situation?
  7. In general, remember, To REMOVE the props:
    BLACK props turn OFF counterclockwise
    RED props turn OFF clockwise.

    (If you turn them the wrong way, you'll tighten them)
    When you install the props, you do NOT have to tighten them down. They will tighten themselves. If you allow them to tighten themselves, then they should also be easy to remove.
  8. Just seeing this now, I don't know why all notifications from this site were hitting my spam folder.
    ANYWAY..Yes I had to send this back to Autel. They replaced the motor and removed the prop. Took about 3 weeks to get it back, the July 4th holiday weekend delayed it a few days.

    Everything has been ok with it, had probably the best flights since I've owned it last Wednesday in Bucks County, PA. No video loss at all, super long distance flights for the first time.
    But I finally updated to the Final Firmware release last Wed. night. That was a mistake. Yes it flies much better,..finally a far better YAW. But now I have an issue with the gimbal, it has become very unlevel.'s still under warranty until March...and I have to contact them again about this. Manually changing the roll really doesn't help.
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  9. You are the second person I've heard have the tilted gimbal issue. Autel offered little as to a fix. I guess if enough people complain it will get fixed.

    So far I don't have that problem.
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  10. Yeah, I saw the other post here from another member yesterday about the unlevel gimbal after the new firmware install. And that Autel only "knows about this problem in some XSPs after the new firmware update"
    Now I just hope for a update / patch to fix it soon! Heck if they can just revert the gimbal to the previous version - while keeping other parts of the new firmware current..this personally would be great. My Gimbal always needed a slight manual roll of -0.6 before each flight for some reason, but at least it was level, videos as they turned looked decent.
  11. My first Gimbal was level. I broke it and bought a replacement. It had to be manually adjusted every time. Then my entire Drone had to be replaced under warranty. The replacement is level and has remained so thru 3 firmware updates. Fingers crossed for luck. :)

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