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  1. Hi,
    Does anybody knows how long the propellers last?
  2. I expect them to last until they're damaged.
  3. I actually own the xstar and a phantom 3. Crashed my phantom 3 twice and the propellars broke instantly. Crashed my xstar twice and the propellars held up with a minor scratch. To me the xstar seems to be a more durable machine.

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  4. In a pinch the DJI blades will work on your Autel X Star Premium, I am currently waiting on the deliver of a set of 3 bladded rotors (suppose to give it better performance, quicker response to control inputs, more stability on windy days) will see, I'll let you all know the outcome as soon as I get the blades
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  5. Have you come across any of these 3 blade rotors yet?
  6. Yes I have several sets of 3 bladed rotors, they both cam from China or Tiwan. They work ok, but are not balanced very well and I get some vibrations in the drone. Both sets look like carbon fiber, when I placed them on a prop balancer they are way off. I've been working on one set little by little, using a file.
  7. Are they quieter?

    Thanks for bringing this up. I didn't know there was such a thing.

    As to prop replacement, I plan to run them until they break.
  8. I would be afraid they would cause too much stress on the machine, mainly the arms. I could be wrong. Most of the time the way something is engineered is the best.

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