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  1. Sooooo....I have completed about 4 successful flights now with my XSP but now I feel I have to put her back into storage again being in Minnesota my Indian summer has ended and now its back to winter for another month or two (hopefully no longer). Anyway when I ended my last flight I charged the battery up to a full 100% and packed it away. I got to thinking that when I did my first flight the battery was nearly completely depleted so I pulled out the manual again and read the section under battery storage and maybe it's me but it doesn't really say. In the starlink program there is a setting for the battery to self discharge (I think) and default has it at 6 days I am not sure about this my question is since my XSP might be in storage for another month or two should I do one more flight to bring the battery charge back down to near depletion or is it ok to store fully charged
  2. It'll deplete on its own.
  3. Yea I get that I was just wondering if it was necessary I would rather store fully charged unless there is a reason for it to be depleted.
  4. The battery is a Lipo battery and should be treated as such even if its called a smart battery The term smart comes from the fact that it balances itself and will start to discharge after the amount of days you had set up in the app. If you follow best battery practices for lipos you do not want to store them fully charge for long periods of time. If I have a battery charged and know I can not fly for a few days I will discharge it. There are few different ways. One I will hook it up to my Turnigy aftermarket charger and put into storage. The video at the bottom will explain the other ways.
    20170122_092329.jpg Batteryh positive negative pole.jpg

    Here is a good chart to go by.
    Battery Chart.jpg

    Here is a good video explaining a DJI smart battery and how to care for it.
    Same principles for the Autel smart battery.

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  5. Jagerbomb,

    What connector are you using to connect your Turnigy to the battery? I use the Turnigy 4 bank charger for my RC stuff so I could do the same to go to storage voltage.

    I really wish we could use our Turnigy units to do the charging as well so that I could charge up to 4 at a time.

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  6. You can use it for charging also. Its done all the time on the DJI batteries. You have to set it up on fast charge. You can set the amps to 4.9 and charge away. It takes about 45 minutes to charge. Remember these batteries have a built in balancer so you don't have to worry about the balancing part. Turn the battery on and when it done charging i shuts itself off like normal.

    I had a connector that came with my Turnigy but you can order one of these. Its said the work.

    There is plenty of youtube videos explaining the process. This is just one of them. Just make sure you don't charge over 1C charge rate.

  7. So if I am reading your chart right if stored it should be brought down to 60% but storing long term should be brought down to 40% is say two months long term or regular storage and by this chart I shouldn't discharge any lower than 40%. Can I fly the drone till the app says 40% would that be the same as in the chart? I guess I could pull out the old multimeter and measure the battery voltage at the battery I was just wondering. I am more curious about the 40% since when I got the drone the battery had to be less than 10% (only one light blinking) that and the fact that I did just charge it up and now I got to drain it for storage which in my opinion is a wasted battery cycle I am not sure about this but battery cycles are being counted in the star link app for some reason I am assuming that after so many cycles your suppose to dispose of it just not sure of how many.
  8. 40% is a recommended voltage for long term storage, like you said 1-3 months would be long term in my mind. Autel recommends you fully charge your battery once every 3 month in there battery video tutorial.
    That 10% is the most you would ever want to take your battery down to, it could get damaged after that. From checking my battery voltage against the APP it seems to be bang on so I have my low battery warning set too 41%. When I land I will be in the ballpark of the 40% mark. Hopefully :)

    If you take care of your battery there is no reason you should not get hundreds of charges. Of course over time it will start to fail. The best way to monitor the battery is to use a aftermarket charger and check the IR (internal resistance). The lower the IR the better. Means your battery does not have to work as hard to perform. A high IR and your battery has to work harder and your flight times will decrease.
    Right now my battery IR is 40. Now divide that by 4 cells and you get 10 IR per cell which is where you want to be. When it starts to get up to 28-32 its time to recycle that battery.
    Hope this helps

  9. Thank you I have seen the videos, one says to fully charge after three months and one (first video below lipo voltage chart) says to fully discharge below 10% every three months got to admit I am still a bit confused but won't drag this out thanks to last "?" how do you check for and get a specific value of internal resistance on the battery its not like you can hook up to a ohm meter.
  10. If you have no aftermarket charger you could follow this way.
  11. Jager, thanks for the connector links ! I had no idea they were out there. I was also not aware I could use my after market charger for my Autel and DJI batteries (observing the max 1C charge rate of course). That close up pic with the crooked free hand + and - looks like the one I took to send to a guy on here that was trying this stuff.
  12. LOL
    Probably was, I got that one of the RCgroup forums :) not my pic so it could be.
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  13. I just ordered those two connectors. Again thanks for the post.
  14. Jager,

    Thanks again, that connector / lead works like a charm.

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  15. Wonderful
    I have been charging mine at 4.9 AMPs and it takes about 40 minutes when the battery is at 40% to get to 100% .

    Which connector did you end up ordering?
  16. I ordered both that you linked above, this one is the first to show up. The DJI style one I will use on my P3 batts.
  17. OK I was wondering, in one of the videos I watched they said one connector needed a little notch made into it for it to fit but I can't remember which one that was.
  18. I didn't have to notch this one, it's tight but it fits.

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