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  1. Sorry, maybe the word "crashing" is a little extreme lets just call it a "not so perfect landing". I am still pretty new at this and because of the weather and my inexperience I haven't done much flying but it's suppose to hit 60F (in Minnesota) tomorrow and plan to do some serious flying. Getting back to my question (sorry) I have been watching a lot of you tube videos lately of nothing but drone crashes, trying to learn from others mistakes. One thing I have noticed is that in most of these hard landings the drone will be tipped so that two of four motor/props will be on or against the ground while the other two are still spinning. I can't help but wonder with two motors stopped doesn't/wouldn't the drone want to stop the other two? This can't be good. I understand that you would probably want to command a shut down of the motors in the event of a, we'll just call it a hard landing. What if it goes down behind some obstruction where you lost tx command will the two motors not in contact with the ground still be spinning? and the two that aren't will the motors burn up because they want to spin but can't?
  2. This happened to me yesterday during my first flight. As I landed the drone, somehow it went sideways, and two props kept rubbing against the ground. I pulled both controls down inward to shut off the motors. Two of the props are scrapped up on the end, however they appear fine to still fly, shouldn't cause any negative effect. The orange part of the drone up top had two black scrap marks from the props. I was able to rub them off though, so you can't tell. Just a minor scratch. The drone seems pretty resilient.

    It would be cool to have a feature that if the drone detects it's 0 ft above the ground and if a prop/motor feels resistance that all 4 motors immediately shut down. Maybe in a future update?
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  3. I totally agree
  4. I agree. I've had this happen a few times now, and it is frustrating... "Stop, you're hurting yourself!"
  5. Try to learn to catch your drone. I always do.

    Although it's being reported the latest firmware update has improved auto land.

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