Question with Evo 2 Pro RTH, Can I override RTH once activated?

Discussion in 'EVO' started by Evo2Proflyer, May 24, 2020.

  1. Just received my Evo 2 Pro this week, two flights so far and very impressed.

    Have a question if anyone knows, appreciate the help. On my first flight, pressed RTH feature and it’s returning as it should. Was testing to make sure RTH was working. But for the life of me couldn’t cancel it, I’ve gone over the manual and can’t find how to cancel RTH feature. Only that I can select pause, I tried that with second flight. Still, couldn’t figure out how to cancel RTH feature.

    I’m sure it’s me, Or is there no cancellation with RTH? I’m new with Autel, Overall like the Evo 2 its a good flying drone.

    Appreciate the help,
  2. I just got my 2 days ago. I think you have to hold the pause button down until the end task bar on the remote is complete
  3. Thank you jrhess,

    I’ll try that again, read that from the manual but didn’t fully understand the process. This time I’ll make sure task bar fully completes its cycle, really appreciate this boy I think that solves it!

    thanks again
  4. Just was out flying and that works, just hold the pause down.
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    Yes, I tried it twice this afternoon. Both times it worked great, appreciate you sharing this maybe others new to Evo 2 will find this beneficial, it sure helped me.

    Thank you

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