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  1. I am a Phantom flier who has experienced the dreaded frame cracks repeatedly. This also means that I have had to deal with the wonderful DJI customer service several times. I am seriously considering moving to Autel soon.

    My questions for you folks:

    Have you had any hardware failures, such as frame cracks?

    Have you had other problems?

    With the Phantom, I had a lot of interference issues even flying close by, until I started using parabolic range extenders. I am looking at the X-Star Premium and I am wondering if anyone has had interference problems and if so how were they remedied?

    How has Autel customer service treated you?

    Thanks for any info you can give.
  2. No hardware problems, range is fine stock, software is not as matured as DJI but they are working on it. Autel customer service is awesome.
  3. What are the software shortcomings?
  4. So far in my experience with XSP is the device compatibility with the Starlink App is very small and odd. I fly mine with a lg G3 phone and it works except my video recording upon reviewing it freezes and stutters throughout the clip...which becomes very frustrating. This due to the fact the app doesn't fully support the G3.

    I currently own between my wife and I:
    Lg G3-Works (Sorta)
    Samsung S4 - Incompatible
    Samsung Tab 4 (4.4.2) - Incompatible
    Samsung s6 - Compatible but, my wife's phone...

    Here is the compatiblity list:
  5. Are you trying to watch the clips on your computer when you get the freezing and shuttering? If so, go here and download and run. Make sure you select "Expert" when installing (this will inform you when they are trying to install crap).

    So, download and run.

    Click "Expert". Next.

    Click Next on the second prompt.

    Next again.

    Next again to install in C:\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack location.


    Click the box if you don't want a start up menu folder (not a biggie here). Next.


    Next again on the Hardware Acceleration screen.




    Next on file associations.

    Next on Audio config.

    Next on Thumbnails.

    Additional software....this is the BS they try to shove down your throat. Click on Decline!!!


    No need to click on the Tweak tool box after the install has completed. Just click Finish.

    Close the stupid internet page that reopened on its own and find the video you want to watch.
  6. I figured out why my video playback was stuttering and freezing...I was trying to watch my video playback on my computer and I was using VLC as my player. Since I cant change the video output my XSP i'm stuck filming everything in 4k. VLC doesn't support 4k playback very well. So, I downloaded a program called DivX and used that instead. Worked perfectly no stutters or freezes. I assumed VLC could handle the 4k but, I was very wrong. Oh well at least now I can watch my videos.

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