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  1. Hi folks,

    I've built a couple multi-rotors, owned a couple Phantoms, as well as a 3DR Solo...I have a few questions about the X-Star to which I can't find the answers:

    1) What is the altitude limit of the X-Star from the takeoff point? I live in mountainous terrain and sometimes want to fly up the side of a hill/mountain, which means I stay below 400 feet AGL, but need to climb higher than some drone's firmware-limited altitude limits. I've read 800 meters for the X-Star, is that true?

    2) 25 minutes is the advertised flight time, but in reality, what is it?

    3) How does the noise compare, to say, a DJI Phantom 3? Louder? Quieter? How much?

    4) Anyone know the cost of that new camera with the 1-inch sensor?

    5) What is the best way to use FPV goggles with the X-Star? A tablet/phone with HDMI-out? Mounting a phone in a cardboard-like device? (Man I wish the X-star controller had an HDMI-out port.)

    6) Are there any 3rd party apps for the X-Star that may increase some of the flying capabilities? Being able to do "cable cams", "point-of-interest"? Stuff like that?

    7) Finally, just how "cinematic" can the X-Star be? What I mean the waypoint flight plans automatically execute smooth flight transitions with both the aircraft and the gimbal? Or, if controlling the X-Star manually, just how smooth of a yaw/pan and/or gimbal tilt can the user expect to achieve?

    Thanks again for the answers.


  2. If I am not mistaken all altitude references are from the takeoff point and relative to the elevation of the takeoff point. I also believe there is an issue with software limitations for distance and elevation . I am not sure if this is an industry thing or not. I mean really, why have an aircraft system with a range of 1.2 miles if the software stops you at 1/4 of that. ditto for the altitude. I do know that the 400' altitude limit can be exceeded but you have to acknowledge that you may be exceeding the FAA elevations AMT.
  3. Thanks Promapper.


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    1: the altitude limit is 2600 feet. This should be used with MUCH caution as it is well above LOS and above the 400 foot FAA suggestions.

    2: flight time is over 20 min and well above most others in the market today.

    3: noise is no different than the DJI.

    4: autel has Not released costs on new cameras

    5: best way for FPV would be a tablet with HDMI out and Goggles with HDMI In?

    6: there are no third party apps available for the XST or XSP at this time.

    7: yaw definitely needs work and Autel is working on it. As for cinematic, you won't find another drone that takes better video or pics. It's an amazing video machine

    Hope this helps. All I can say is that you will NOT be disappointed. if you are looking for an amazing video, photo, GPS, super smooth, very stable, long range, NO flyaway, awesome support quad, you cannot go wrong here.

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