Quickie edit of my second attempt with EVO

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by mixchief, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. Wow. I feel like a noob now for sure... great job!
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  2. Thanks, I am a still photographer (automotive) video and mores aerial video is very new to me, I am the noob, but thanks for the support, keeps the spirits up.;)
  3. I filmed a water tower this afternoon.... it went well but I'm still getting familiar with the flying aspects and concentrating much less on the filming right now. Practice makes perfect I suppose. I remember from my photo days... get close and lighting is everything. Still true to a large degree I think. I get up there and my focus narrows to the flying part to the point I forget about creativity, lighting and smooth moves. Will keep working on it.
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  4. I agree, the flying takes the focus away from what is truly important to a photographer, that's what the more "pro" craft allow for a two man crew, a photographer and a pilot, and generally they are both in communication with a director. I love learning to fly, but sometimes I feel it's taking away from my photography. I'd post some of my pre EVO work here, but it is not Autel, so I'll continue posting what I get done with the EVO. I have yet to grade the first flight with the EVO.

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