Raw and JPEG Capture Time Discrepency

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  1. Newb here, so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.

    As a photographer I shoot in Raw format all the time, so on my first flight yesterday I decided to shoot in Raw + JPEG so I could see the differences before knowing that I'd likely just shoot in Raw only moving forward.

    When I imported the images into Lightroom I was at first confused because I didn't see any DNG images. Normally they'd sort right next to the JPEG with a sort setting for Capture Time, so I swapped it to Filename and there they were. When I compared capture times the time on the Raw file was about 10 minutes after the time on the correlated JPEG. In fact, all the DNG files, when sorted by Capture Time, sorted after everything else from the flight, including video that was shot after the image capture. Is this normal? It's almost as if the Raw/DNG file isn't written/created until after the flight is done. I need to do some more testing with it today if the weather cooperates, but I thought I'd ask up front. With some photography capture time can be critical to know, so if it's not reliable on the Raw file I may persist in shooting both, though it's twice the number of images to manage.
  2. I'll amend my post to add that the raw files do not contain shutter speed, aperture, ISO or any of the exposure information found in the JPEG. How can that be? Would things be different if I shot only Raw? To not provide those things on a Raw file seems unacceptable to me.
  3. It's a known issue and has not yet been addressed, even in the beta firmware released earlier this week. There are workarounds available, but I don't use RAW files, so not sure how to do this myself. search this and other Autel forums for the workarounds.
  4. Thanks. Did some searches here but couldn't find anything first. The problem with most workarounds is that they modify the original file and that's the issue for me - I need an unaltered original for some contest work.

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