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  1. I have record a few times and notice that many of my recordings are 8 minutes and 21 seconds long and no longer. (4K setting). I have recorded longer than that with a new continuation file being created. Is this normal? If I were to go to 1080p recordings will this change? Thanks
  2. That's how mine rolls. I'm not techno savvy enough to know if it can be overcome.
  3. What is the capacity of the SD card you are using? Is it full at the 8 min. and 21 secs? You're shooting at 4K and that takes up lots of space on the card very quickly. If you go to 1080p video you should get longer videos on the card. I shoot at 1080p with my Q500+ and the videos normally take about 3.8 Mb on the card. I can get a good many videos on the card (64 Gb) but it oddly chops the videos into segments as I explain below.

    I'm not sure if the X Star does this but one of my quads, the Q500+, records for 11 mins and 53 sec, then stops and begins a new recording where it left off. So if I fly a typical 16 minute or so flight with video running the entire time, I get an 11:53 segment with the rest following in a second segment. Why it breaks the videos into 11:53 segments is a mystery to me.
  4. Yep, your description is what my XSP does at 8 min and change. It starts a second video with no gap. They can be edited back together.

    So, I don't think it's a card size issue at all. I rather think it's a "file size" issue. So changing to 1080 might extend the run time on the video. I've not played with that.
  5. Most likely it has to do with the file system used on SD card and the file system's maximum file size. The max. possible size for a file on a FAT32-formatted card is 4 GB. The exFAT file system, which is supported by X-Star, will not bother you in near future with its max. file size, since it is in petabytes (PB).
  6. Thanks for that explanation. That all makes sense to me. It's great to know that the X Star won't have this in the future. Right now it's more an inconvenience than problem.
  7. It's general information regarding the FAT32 and exFAT file systems. X-Star supports both these file systems.

    On SD card that is FAT32-formatted, the size of a file can't be larger than 4 GB. But on SD card that is exFAT-formatted, max. possible file size is in petabytes.

    I was thinking that maybe the split can be avoided if formatting your SD card by choosing exFAT as the file system, since it allows very large files.
  8. exFAT is not a choice when formatting on the drone? Are you saying that this will change in the 'long awaited' firmware update? Or .. if you format the sd card outside of the drone to exFAT, then this will sort the file splitting we see? If the latter, have you tried this?

    Cider Boy.
  9. Well, I tried it myself.
    Result = Format the sd card on the Drone (fat 32) and the video size is about 3 mins. (before a break and restart)

    Format on a PC in exFat format, and you get about 8 mins.
    (before a break and restart)

    Cider Boy
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  10. So maybe the card is already formatted for the longest possible run?
  11. Well, that's terrible then if all you can get is a bunch of short segments. Heck, even my little RunCam allows 25-minute segments. I hope this isn't the case with mine when it arrives or I'll be greatly disappointed.
  12. So what are the normal file size you get after 18 or so minutes ? My setting is at 1080 30fps and I still get 984 mb file size for 18 min. and btw it takes over 3 hrs to upload to YouTube normal on all accounts ?
  13. I record at highest resolution and my 8:21 files range from 3.8 to 4.5 billion bytes. My card is formatted on the XSP as suggested.
  14. I honestly haven't paid much attention to the details. If I have a video 3-4 minutes or longer I simply start it loading on YouTube and go to the house. I just loaded a short video and it took and hour. I blame that on my Internet connection speed??
  15. Yes most likely as upload speed such as to YouTube is much lower than download, I am on DSL speed so 5 megabits/sec but upload is 1 megabit and not to confuse a megabit vs megabyte but it's a subject by itself.
  16. My latest video upload to youtube , the one in the crops thread here, was 462 mb after I edited it in windows movie maker. 3 minutes and 38 seconds long. Even out here in the country on wireless internet I don't think it took an hour to upload to youtube.

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