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  1. Hello I have problem with my drone after an accident broke the case and I turn the 4 lights in red and disarm it to see if there was something broken inside but I saw it well who could help me
  2. Mine all blink red when battery is low. Sounds like the drone's computer is detecting an error of some kind. Contact Autel, they have very good customer service.
  3. My only problem with the lights is that once they get a short distance away from me I can't tell red from green.
  4. Once I launch and clear local obstacles I no longer look at the Drone. I watch the tablet. I then switch back to watching the Drone when I am within a few hundred feet of home. By doing this I am never surprised by which way the Drone is pointing. I don't land on the ground anymore. Always "catch" the Drone by hand.
  5. I mostly use the tablet view too but I will still look up once in a while just out of habit. I'm doing the hand catch thing too since the landing difficulties I encountered. It works fine.
  6. how high were you?
  7. I really can't say.
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  8. Roosty, I wish you were my neighbor. We'd have soooo much fun.

    First non-windy day I'll post a response video of my farm. Thank you very much for posting this!!!!! :)
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  9. Lets just say that my closest neighbours don't have to worry about me flying over their yards as they are beyond the range of my controller.
  10. I can see that from your video. Thanks again for posting.

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