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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Yukay, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. Howdy. I'm an old Brit learning to fly my first drone - an Autel EVO shipped to the UK for me 3 months ago by DroneWorks.

    I love it. I researched for months, looking at hours of Youtube and source footage of all the sub-$2k drones which came with a built-in screen - and to my eye, the EVO, even without its touted 1in sensor, produced higher quality video than any others, including those with 1in sensors.

    If I have any specialist knowledge, it is in the areas of commercial digital imaging, video processing, codecs, drone legislation (in Europe) and Macs.

    I look forward to helping out where I can, contributing to discussions and looking for help from experienced pilots with my own novice flying questions.

    I'm a refugee from another place (AutelPilots) where I got fed up with what looked like persistent denigration of the EVO and Autel by one of the moderators who doesn't own an EVO. I accused him of ruining the forum for the EVO community and, perhaps unsurprisingly, that got me banned.

    So here I am with a criminal record and on good behaviour, at least temporarily - and not anticipating any threads being hijacked by saboteurs.

    Thank you for providing this forum.
  2. I love it, welcome aboard. I personally have the EVO and XSP and love them both.
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  3. So you got your peepee slapped on the other forum and you come here for sympathy is this correct? Every forum has rules to follow what makes you think you are so special that you should not follow them? Just wondering ??
  4. No.

    I didn't break any rules in the other place either. Just some vindictive moderator abusing what powers he has because I asked him to stop breaking the rules of the forum.
  5. Thanks for joining Autel Forums, Yukay. Your knowledge and expertise would be much appreciated.
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  6. Thank you Elnars. I look forward to following your rules and causing you no trouble at all.
  7. Never did like anyone who joining a forum trying to be better then everyone else " specialist knowledge" kind of makes one feel lower then you.
    Maybe just me but something to consider ...OH umm another expert, I guess we can make room for him.
  8. You can maybe take comfort from the fact that I'm a worse pilot than everyone else.

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