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  1. Hello Barry,
    Good news! We are expecting batteries very soon. This Friday you will receive a confirmation email from us. It will arrive into your email inbox with a subject line "Order ____" from, sometime these will arrive straight in your junk email so please double check!

    We are sending you this confirmation so you now that we will be shipping these batteries to you. We expect batteries to start shipping out mid week, next week. Once they have actually shipped, you will receive tracking information relating to your order. We greatly appreciate your patience and continued support!

    Alejandro R.

    Customer Support
  2. I just got a email from Autel about the batteries, they are telling me end of the month, beginning of next month they will be receiving a large shipment.
  3. Batteries are available now on Autel's site. I just purchased two myself. Must have just come available. I did not see them there early this morning.
  4. June 26, 2018: Batteries for the X Stars are now available on the Autel site again.
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