Replacing the Gimbal Lock?

Discussion in 'X-Star / X-Star Premium' started by TomKnAL, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. I confess that I am still having trouble replacing the gimbal lock after a flight. I know which side is up and which side in on the front, next to the camera, but it still takes me a minute or two to get it on. Does anyone have any sure-fire way to get it on quickly?
  2. I'm afraid I have to make the same confession - getting the gimbal lock aligned and back in place after flying takes some patience! I use prop guards on my XSP, which requires me to place the bird on it's back to get to the screws and remove the guards before putting it back in the case. Forme, I rapidly found that I have an easier time putting the gimbal guard back on the camera while the XSP is on its back. Not necessarily easy...just easier!
  3. I think i found the "secret".

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  4. Too funny, I was going to make a video last night about this but ran out of time. Glad you got it Tom. Maybe this will help others. Crazy how difficult it can be until you figure it out. Autel's Rubik's cube.
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  6. TomK thanks for that video!! I tried angling the gimbal lock slightly from behind a few times as you demonstrated, and it worked quickly and easily every time. Amazing how such a small technique change can make such a big difference!

    DroneOut, nice find - have you used that gimbal lock/lens cover yourself? Does it work well to keep the gimbal in place and stay attached well? Maybe more importantly, does the XSP still fit in the carrying case without catching, rubbing, or other problems? I definitely like the idea of a lens cover.

  7. Yes.

    I have it and use it. Both with the included case and my hard backpack style case.

    I've also used it with the original gimbal lock attached along with the lens far so problems so far!
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  8. Indeed, nice find and confirmation DroneOut. What a great item to be your own manufacturer if you had a 3D printer, and all the color choices are nice. lol, they're closed all next week, what timing.

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