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  1. Hello, new to drones and this forum. I purchased my x-star premium this past Saturday. I have flown it maybe three times total for a total of 20 minutes total. Haven't had much time from work. So I have been reading on it in the meantime. The one question I have is when I let the drone return to home at let's say 150 ft. Will it decend like a plane does or does it to the launch site at 150ft and then decend straight down. I ask because I have an open area between some trees. It's not real big, enough so I can launch my drone, which I've done. But I just went straight up and back down. I want to go further out but I'm afraid to push the return to home button then end up hitting trees.
  2. When home is activated the drone first adjusts its current height to whatever you've programmed as the go home height. Then it flies to a point directly above the homesite. Then it drops straight down.

    One caution, don't launch umder tree canopy and then use the go home mode. It will drop itself onto the top of the tree.

    I always launch with an open overhead space.
  3. When RTH is engaged the first thing the drone will do is seek the preset altitude so long as that preset is higher than the drones current altitude when RTH is engaged then it will fly to the home point and decent at that point. This I am sure of but what I am not sure of is that if your RTH preset is at a lower altitude then your current position when RTH kicks in I don't know if the drone will decent to that altitude and return to home or just stay at the current altitude. One thing to keep in mind is that although the drone will fly to the RTH point before decent it may be still off by a few meters/feet there are variables here that could affect the exact RTH point (metal objects, magnetic interference ect)
  4. Good points. I've never had my drone land exactly on the takeoff point.

    I can't confirm this but I'm pretty sure the drone will lower itself to the preset height when go home is activated. I say that because I've ran my battery down until the drone automatically came home and it always comes into sight at the preset height.
  5. Thanks for the replies.
  6. Your welcome.

    I'd suggest using the RTH feature next te you land. Have the drone in good visual sight and off altitude and then watch it's response.

    Another tip. Keep the controller in your hands and watch the drone land in case it is missing the mark.

    Another trick. When landing in rough terraign or dusty, hover the drone at eye level. Walk to it and gently take hold of a leg with your right hand. Now hold the left joystick,in the down position until the drone motors turn off.
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  7. I played with the RTH feature yesterday. If the drone was lower than the preset height it would rise, then come home. If it was above the preset height it would remain at that height and come home. So I was incorrect in my earlier assumption.

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