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  1. My buddy and I just returned from a road trip from northern CA to Idaho, we drove through five states and covered almost 2k miles. I have to say that I saw some amazing geological formations that we tried to fly and record. In some cases, it put our drones, and in one case, our safety at risk to do so. I am frustrated and tired, but I wanted to post now in case I received feed back that could help and read tomorrow.

    As some may know, you get one shot in these areas because of wind and have to move on. My issue started early on with coloration while monitoring the flight on the cell phone. Before leaving, I did a firmware update.I fiddled with the settings and discovered that out of the four parameters in my settings that three were okay and the fourth was zero. I toggled the fourth setting and the cell phone screen seemed to come up with 'true' color where it had been washed out and sketchy. I thought the problem solved.

    Now that I am home I see that the picture is still washed out. It could be an ISO setting, but don't think so since it was early in the day and set at 200. Maybe I did something incorrect, but it all looked good going into the shoot. Help!
  2. Always take some shots in automatic mode just for safety sake. If you are fiddling with the settings keep a log so you can tell how to improve your results in the future. The exposure adjustment wheel on the right is easy to move accidentally even in auto mode.
  3. Fundy, I think you are onto something. I really appreciate the suggestion and I'll ck. it out. Many thanks!
  4. This sunrise was taken in auto mode, increase or decrease exposure with the right fingertip wheel on the remote to get the detail you want and then you can always edit later.

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  5. Thanks for the tip. I haven't had the time to try it out, but I should today. So I assume I will see the exposure setting on my phone or maybe the small controller screen? Gorgeous picture by the way.
  6. I had done exactly what Fundy was saying and I accidentally hit the roller. I didn't realize I did. I had sent an email to Autel and this was the response.
    Sounds like you are way underexposed. Next time you fly, use the exposure wheel on the right side of the RC and roll up till it gets to 0. You will see it near the left side right next to all the flight info.Also, make sure you don't have exposure lock on. There should be a little tiny white exp lock/unlock icon near the right side of the screen you can tap.
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  7. Thanks guys, that seems to have done the trick. I wasn't even aware that wheel was there to be honest. It is so smoky here I'm not sure what I can tell from a check flight, but I'll give it a go a bit later today. The other issue I had was the USB socket wouldn't hold the cord. I was relegated to holding it in while flying. I have large hands, but this exercise was almost impossible. I finally had to tape it to the controller. Not sure what to do about that.
  8. Have you tried a different usb cable? The usb cord I use is a reversible right/left angle and they seem to fit a lot tighter and it won't stick out the bottom like a straight cable does.
  9. I considered it, but I wondered how important the little inline resister (?) is with the factory cord. I know that in the past I have tried unsuccessfully to find a cord with a micro plug at both ends. I suspect that would hold better than the full size USB. I have seen posts by others agreeing with you in regards to a right-angle plug. Why do you think it works better?
  10. I thought the same thing but I have had no issues with this cable. The larger part would be a left angle so that it comes out the side of the remote and does not block the other ports under the remote. You can't hook the micro to micro. Needs to be the large usb to micro of your phone/tablet.
    If I can get a couple pics up i'll show you. It didn't want to let me a minute ago. I might have to change servers on my vpn.
    Plus you can sit your remote down without bending the cord since the cord lays flat against the bottom of the remote.

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  11. It's hard to see the usb on the back of the unit, but I understand what you are talking about. Does the new cord have that little inline cylinder molded in? I also notice that your micro connector at the phone is right-angle.
  12. I'll try to get a better picture in a minute. It doesn't have the cylinder on it. Yes for this setup I needed the right angle micro. If I would flip the tablet around I'd need a left but I wanted the shortest cord possible.
  13. Here you go. A little better anyway lol.

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  14. That's better. Where did you get the cord please. Think I need one of those.
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    Thanks buddy, I'll get one on the way and thanks again for all of the help. This is a great forum and w/o the drama I see on other sites. To return the favor let me tell you of a trick I just now discovered: I have a decent sized monitor and have trouble finding the cursor sometimes. Now I run W7 so it may be different for other versions, but in CP > mouse>locate cursor. So you apply this and then use the control key and an expanding circle temporarily appears around the cursor wherever it is.
  16. Great tip, thank you!!
    Yes I agree this is a great forum. There is another forum out there that is nice like this also and a lot of the members here are there also.
    I'll pm you the link if you like.
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  17. do we do that?
  18. You should see a thingy up at the top right called conversation. I've sent you the link in it.
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    See the thingy and see the ****address, but can't link to it. I'll work on it. Thanks. Glad you liked the tip it's very helpful for me. I see that I am now a "member". Guess I got my Cub Scout pin turned upright. You have to be of a certain age to know what I am talking about, but I just went from the bottom to next to the bottom...progress!

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