Rotax Evo Low RPM problems

Discussion in 'EVO' started by faelanstevie, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. HI,

    I have an upgraded Rotax max to Evo engine. The upgrade is full. I changed even the new evo con rod. The upgrade is with the 2015 electricals I have a problem for a few months in very low rpm. 5500 to 7000 approximately. In these rpm I experience a lag (delay) of response. the motor in nearly dead at these rpm. After 7100 I feel that it is starting pushing and gets alive. I have made a lot of carb setups I have even changed a carb that is working in another motor for sure, but no luck. The engine after 7000 rpm is Ok Can anyone help?

    Please help.

    I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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  2. Since I have no idea what you are talking about it is possible you are on the wrong forum. Click the below link and see if this pertains to anything you speak of, if not I believe you are in the wrong place.
  3. Hi Stevie
    You are on a DRONE forum. The reason that you were directed here is because you did an internet search (probably on google) for EVO, and Evo is also the name of a drone. In the future, you might try using BING for your search engine as it will give you much more specific and better results than google does. Also, it (Bing) won't track everything you search for on the internet. Since you are working with a Rotax engine, you need to contact Bombardier, who makes the Rotax engines. Good luck Sir.

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