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  1. Hello,
    Last night I did a distance run with my skyreat coper antenna boosters. I got the drone a little more than a mile out before I lost signal. (lots of trees, buildings etc in the way). What I noticed is that according to my controller, the drone was only managing 32fps (~22mph) in GPS mode. There wasn't much wind, and when I put it in Atti mode it did much better.
    I know the xsp is capable of 35mph Is there any way to adjust the limit on the drone in GPS?

    Another more concerning speed is the RTH speed, it seemed to be around the mid 20s (fps). During RTH the wind was behind it as well Definitely not what it does with manual control in GPS. is there any where to change this?

    I have set the max speed setting to the highest point.

    I guess it would be beneficial to note, I was not using star link as I had left my USB cable at home.

    It seemed like the Phantom 3 I had was faster in most regards except in Atti mode.
  2. RTH speed from what was told to me is between 20-22 MPH and no way to change that. So your RTH is working properly.
    Not sure what might have been going on with your GPS speed other then it is constantly repositioning itself and the angle of pitch of the quad is more level so its harder for it to reach the higher speeds in wind. In ATTI mode the angle of the quad is more aggressive, allowing it to dig in to wind more for faster speeds. More aggressive, faster speeds equals shorter battery times.
  3. Try calibrating the joy sticks. I haven't flown without a device connected, but can't see why it won't get up and go without it.

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